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Golf Ball Launcher Muzzle Device for the AR-15 by NcStar

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Launch golf balls 500 yards from an AR-15 or .223/5.56 rifle.

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The AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher from NcStar mounts like any other threaded rifle muzzle device. Unlike other muzzle devices, the NcStar Launcher doesn’t control recoil or reduce a flash signature – this muzzle device can be used to launch golf balls 500 yards away – that’s about as far as the world record golf drive! Who needs to spend years practicing a perfect golf swing when a rifle gets the job done.

To use the NcStar AR-15 golf ball launcher, simply screw the muzzle device onto any 1/2×28 thread pitch on a .223/5.56 rifle barrel, which is pretty much the industry standard barrel threading for .223/5.56 rifles, including AR-15s and Mini-14s. Unlike competing launchers, no expensive dedicated uppers are needed to use this simple golf ball launcher. To use, safely place a golf ball into the launcher, then load a blank .223 round into the rifle, and you’re ready to launch golf balls up to 500 yards.

Caution: Be safe when using this golf ball launcher. Take extra precautions to only use blank ammunition and keep live .223/5.56 ammunition from getting mixed in.

Golf Ball Launcher Muzzle Device Specifications:

– Muzzle device launcher attaches to standard a AR-15/M-16 and almost all .223/5.56 threaded barrels with the standard 1/2×28 thread pitch
– Uses blank ammunition to propel golf balls up to 500 yards
– Length: 5.3″
– Weight: 18.1 oz / 1.13 lbs

Additional information

Weight1.4 lbs
Dimensions5.75 × 2.625 × 2 in

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Golf Ball Launcher Muzzle Device for the AR-15 by NcStar for sale.

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