UTG AR-15 Extended Charging Handle Latch by Leapers

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Speed up AR-15 reloads with an extended charing handle latch.

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This extended AR-15 charging handle latch is an excellent (and easy) upgrade for any AR-15 owner looking to speed up their reloads and general rifle manipulation. The Leapers UTG Model 4 AR-15 Extended Tactical Charging Handle Latch gives shooters an increased purchase area for easier charging handle manipulation, for a fraction of the cost of more expensive charging handle alternatives. The extra texturing on the latch aids in weapon manipulation during adverse shooting conditions such as sweat, rain, or snow.

If speedy AR-15 manipulation is important, give this extended charging handle latch a try.

The enlarged charging handle latch can be easily installed on mil-spec AR-15 charging handles.

AR-15 Extended Charging Handle Latch Features:
– Clever Dual Operation Design
– Enlarged Charging Handle Grasping Surface for Smoothest Operation under Extreme Conditions
– Traditional Concealed Latch Co-existed for Normal Operation
– Heavy Duty Steel Construction with standard Matte Black Finish
– Fits All Standard AR-15 Charging Handles with No Gunsmith Required

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