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UTG AR-15 A2 Stock with Complete Stock Kit, by Leapers Inc.

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Everything needed for a rifle length stock on an AR-15.

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The UTG AR-15 A2 stock kit is complete with an A2 stock, buffer tube, buffer, and buffer spring. Everything needed to put a rifle length stock on an AR-15.

The A2 rifle length AR-15 stock is a classic style going back to the original M-16 and provides an ideal length of pull for most shooters. The stock’s weight provides a nice counter balance to counteract the weight of the barrel and handguard sticking out the front of the rifle. The A2 stock’s smooth design provides comfortable ergonomics. The solid polymer material provides excellent durability to withstand most any punishment. This A2 stock even includes a small compartment for storing batteries, replacement parts, or even an AR-15 cleaning kit.

Leapers’ UTG Model 4 Complete A2 Fixed Stock comes with a complete stock and buffer assembly for the AR-15 rifle.

AR-15 A2 Rifle Length Stock Features:

– Classic A2 Buttstock Assembly
– A2 Stock Molded from Impact Resistant Advanced Polymer for excellent durability
– Design provides a built in buffer tube
– Stock includes a storage Pocket for cleaning kit, spare parts, or other accessories (cleaning kit, spare parts, and accessories not included)

AR-15 A2 Stock Kit Includes:

– A2 Stock Extension Tube
– Recoil Spring
– Buffer Assembly
– Stock Spacer and Screw

A2 Stock Specifications:

– Stock Material: Aluminum/Plastic
– Height: 10.6″
– Weight: 25.0 oz
– Stock Color: Black

Additional information

Weight1.95 lbs
Dimensions12.75 × 5.5 × 2 in

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UTG AR-15 A2 Stock with Complete Stock Kit, by Leapers Inc. for sale.

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