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Leapers Inc. UTG AR-15 Travel Cleaning Kit Complete with Pouch

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A compact rifle cleaning kit, great for keeping in a range bag.

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The UTG Model 4/AR15 Cleaning Kit with travel pouch is an excellent addition to any range bag for easy firearms cleaning and maintenance on the go.


– Complete Model 15/16 Cleaning Kit with 5 Piece Rods(Includes Loop), Adaptor, Bronze Bore Brush, Chamber Brush, Dual-Ended Nylon Brush, Oil Bottle and Cleaning Cloth
– 8.6 oz Cleaning Kit Replaces Conventional Hefty Weight Cleaning Gear, Great for Field Operations or At-home Cleaning
– Standard 8-32 Threads for any Compatible Components on the Market
– Neatly Stored In a 2-Compartment Lightweight Nylon Storage Bag with Hook-and-loop Closure, can be Easily Stored In the A-2 Buttstock as well
– Pouch Includes Belt Loop and Alice Clip for Attachment to Belt or Web Gear


– Material: Multiple
– Weight: 6.1 oz
– Color: Multiple

Additional information

Weight0.6 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 4 × 1 in

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Leapers Inc. UTG AR-15 Travel Cleaning Kit Complete with Pouch for sale.

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