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Daniel Defense Superior Suppression Device Extended, 1/2-28″, 5.56

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Reduce flash signature with the Daniel Defense Extended Superior Suppression Device.

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The Daniel Defense Superior Suppression Device AR-15 Flash Hider is engineered to effectively eliminate a rifle’s muzzle signature upon firing, enhancing a shooter’s night vision as well as concealing one’s firing position in darkened environments. This flash hider from Daniel Defense features forward-slanting ports around it’s circumference to help direct the rifle’s muzzle blast and hot combustion gases forward and away from the shooter.

This extended flash hider model is long enough to bring a 14.5″ barrel to a legal 16″ length when permanently installed, great for having the most compact rifle possible without building a SBR.


– Caliber: .22 Caliber/5.56mm
– Thread Pitch: 1/2″-28, compatible with most AR-15s and .223/5.56 rifles
– Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
– Finish: Black Nitride
– Length: 2.25″
– Weight: 2.9 oz.

Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 3.75 × 1.25 in

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Daniel Defense Superior Suppression Device Extended, 1/2-28″, 5.56 for sale.

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