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Allen Cases Bore-Nado Cleaning Tool, .22 Caliber, Rifle/Pistol

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A cleaning swab for .22cal firearms.

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Allen’s revolutionary BORE-NADO barrel cleaning rope makes taking care of your firearm easy. Simply add solvent of your choice to the cleaning rope and clean from breach to muzzle in a single stroke, repeating as necessary until clean. The small end of the rope has a weighted brass bore guide to make guiding the rope through your firearm easy. The vortex bristle technology uses copper brushes to blast fouling and debris as it passes through your barrel, and the built-in braided swab sweeps it away. Keep in your range bag or gun case for quick clean-up jobs. Can also be incorporated into your full cleaning routine if you aren’t a fan of handing all the interchangeable parts of other cleaning systems.


– Type: Rifles/Handgun
– Caliber: .22
– Color: Gray
– Accent Color: White/Red

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Weight0.15 lbs
Dimensions8.5 × 4.75 × 2 in

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Allen Cases Bore-Nado Cleaning Tool, .22 Caliber, Rifle/Pistol for sale.

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