Pro-Gun Bills have Stagnated – Contact your Reps and Help Get them Moving Again

Our current administration hasn’t accomplished much in regards to restoring out 2nd Amendment rights. Our window of opportunity is closing quickly as Democrats may claim seats in the next set of elections less than a year and a half from now.

Contact your representatives and urge them to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights while pro-gun representatives hold the majority.

It’s a good idea to highlight National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act.

Who is your representative

Phone calls mean the most, faxes help, and email is the quickest but least effective. Doesn’t have to be much. Just a 2 minute phone call from thousands of people can help. Here’s a quick sample.

Hello, my name is ____. I live in zip code XXXXX and as your constituent I would like you to fight to help restore our 2nd Amendment rights. Passing National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act is a great starting point.

Wouldn’t hurt to drop President Trump a line while you’re at it.

Contact President Trump

Please contact all of your pro-gun friends and urge them to contact their representatives as well.

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Brian Purkiss is a firearms instructor, competitive shooter, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He enjoys competing in and organizing Run and Gun Competitions, as well as shooting in USPSA, Outlaw matches, and 3 Gun.