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Work to boost handgun proficiency for the skills most critical for conceal carriers.

The right to keep and bear arms is just that – a right – but this right also comes with the responsibility of proficiency. Misuse of a handgun can cause serious injury or death to yourself, your loved ones, or innocent bystanders. Therefore we have the responsibility of being proficient with our handguns.

This training plan is intended to help conceal carriers work on improving their handgun proficiency, focusing on the most important skills for conceal carriers.

Citizen defensive gun uses are fast and furious. They tend to be over in less than 10 seconds and about a third of them involve more than one attacker.

  • Draw from concealment – get the gun into the fight as quickly as possible
  • Accuracy at speed – get rounds on target quickly without misses
  • Transitions – engage multiple targets or the same target as it moves
  • Shooting on the move – engage targets while running to cover/concealment

Naturally, there are many other important skills conceal carriers should work on – such as awareness, de-escalation, empty handed skills, and the ability to run fast away. Those are beyond the scope of the goals of Locked Back Training – but they shouldn’t be neglected.

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