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How to Watch for and Defend Against Sucker Punches

These guys are bouncers by trade, and see more scuffles than most anyone else outside of law enforcement. These guys know what to look for, because they encounter it on a nightly basis. When someone with that much experience start giving suggestions, it’s a good idea to take notice – it could save you from getting sucker punched.

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How to Shoot Pistols with Both Eyes Open

Being able to shoot a pistol with both eyes open is critical for accuracy, speed, and target transition – all of which are important for self defense, competition, and casual shooting. Professional competitive shooter Doug Koenig weighs in on shooting with one eye open or both eyes open. Depth perception, target aquisition, wider field of […]

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First Aid Kit Essential Equipment

A basic first aid kit is a very useful item to keep in your range bag, vehicle, home, or EDC bag. I bought an assortment of small first aid bags and have them stashed in all of those places. Just like a conceal carry pistol, it’s better to have a first aid kit and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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How to Shoot a Handgun from Cover

For the most obvious statement of the day, Hollywood has it wrong. Shooting from cover in real life is not the same as it is in the movies. Knowing the difference from real life technique and Hollywood style can mean the difference between life and death in a home defense or self defense situation.

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Special Forces Talk About Speed & Accuracy

If you’re active in the firearm’s focused social media scene, you’ve no doubt seen videos of people shooting crazy fast, be it a super fast draw from concealment, fast double tap, or a lightning fast reload. If you’re like me, you want to go to the range and train train train to get those same […]

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