The OSS Helix 762 and 556 Silencer Test

The OSS Suppressor design switches away from the traditional baffle design and instead uses “flow through” technology to reduce gas blowback, wear and tear, and all around noise reduction. Does it live up to the hype though?

Suppressor Baffles

Suppressor Baffles

Standard suppressors use what’s called “baffels” to reduce the sound of a gun shot. While they work very well, they do have limitations to their design. OSS Suppressors has a new baffle free suppressor design that has drawn controversy. Many people say it doesn’t work, or that it doesn’t work as well as OSS Suppressors claims. These claims have in large part been reinforced due to the lack of third party reviews and how long it’s taken for an OSS product to be released to consumers.

Benefits of the OSS Suppressor design

OSS Suppressors claims their “flow through” design results in no gas blowback into the face, no increase weapon fouling and malfunctions, no increased recoil and muzzle rise, and no extreme component heat and weapon wear. The other primary sales pitch is the design that allows the suppressor attachment point to be within the can as opposed to at the back end of the can, reducing the overall length. If you want to learn more, here’s the OSS Suppressors sales pitch back from when they were announced.

OSS Suppressor Design

It’s one thing to claim their design reduces blowback, malfunctions, etc, it’s another to claim it completely eliminates these things – which is where much of the controversy has arisen from.

After all of the hype and controversy, the NFA Review Channel and the Military Arms Channel have got their hands on an OSS Suppressor and we finally get to learn whether it lives up to the hype – or even basic military suppressor standards for that matter.

The suppressor averaged around 141/142 dB 1 meter to the shooter’s side, and about 136/137 dB six inches from the shooter’s ear. For those of you who aren’t familiar with suppressor sound reduction numbers, this is about average. A little better than some, and a little worse than others.

Unfortunately, these readings are not that simple as clear cut numbers since there are different standards suppressors are measured at. Furthermore, the additional unique selling features of the OSS Suppressors are difficult to quantify in hard numbers.

Suppressor gimmick? Or suppressor revolution?

OSS Suppressors are still in its infancy – time shall tell if this new design lives up to the hype. That being said, initial reports are looking really good for the baffle-less design.

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