Open Letter to Pro-Gun Politicians: “Thoughts & Prayers” Won’t Cut It Anymore

This is an open letter to any politician who claims to be “Pro 2nd Amendment.”

The gun control vs gun rights debate is continuing to heat up with each side becoming more and more polarized. More and more people are becoming single-issue voters on one side or the other. The anti-gun politicians keep on pushing for compromises (on top of the many compromises we already have). The pro-gun politicians are… doing virtually nothing.

That needs to stop.

It’s time to push for gun rights

By pushing for gun rights, I mean, actually do something other than lip service to pass pro-gun laws and restore our 2nd Amendment rights! The more silence y’all have as the gun-control movement whips itself into a frenzy, the more “on the fence” people of the gun debate will move over to the anti-gun side.

The pro-gun politicians are being painted as a “we’ve tried nothing and nothing works” – and it is kinda true. Our supposed pro-gun politicians haven’t passed any substantial pro-gun legislation at the Federal level in a while, and depending on the results of the mid-term elections, our window for pro-gun legislation might be gone for the next two years or even longer.

The States are a battleground with no end in sight. Democrat leaning States becoming more and more repressive. Some Republican leaning States have passed a few pro-gun laws recently. Many Republican leaning States are stagnant when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. This back and forth at the State level will only get worse until things swing one way or another at the Federal level.

Unfortunately, the ineptitude of Republican politicians who got elected on hollow 2nd Amendment promises might have doomed the Constitution.

Y’all campaigned on the 2nd Amendment

It is time to step up and follow through on your campaign promises.

No more lip service.

No more thoughts and prayers.

Push for pro-gun legislation or we will vote you out.

“No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” – Thomas Jefferson

Patriots, please contact your representatives and urge them to take action and stop with the hollow lip service.

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Brian Purkiss
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Brian Purkiss is a firearms instructor, competitive shooter, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He enjoys competing in and organizing Run and Gun Competitions, as well as shooting in USPSA, Outlaw matches, and 3 Gun.