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Training & Non-Compliance with Anti-Gun Laws

This past weekend I hit the range over at KR Training for Defensive Pistol Skills 2, Advanced Training 2 Scenarios, and Low Light Shooting 1. All classes focused on improving conceal carry competency. It was a lot of fun, especially Advanced Training 2 Scenarios, which involved running through a shoot house and even shooting through an interactive simulator provided by Immersive Training Solutions. The simulator was quite fun and educational.

When running through actual scenarios with lots of things going on, shooting needs to be natural. If you have to think about a good trigger pull, you won’t be thinking about it during a defensive gun use. But if you have the fundamentals of marksmanship absolutely nailed into you, your marksmanship will just… work and that frees up mental capacity in order to handle the scenario.

While we’re talking about defensive gun use, let’s talk about the importance of picking the right moment to draw a gun.

What is the “Counter Ambush” and How to Take Advantage of It
A counter ambush is a well timed attack on a criminal who has already initiated an altercation – a well timed counter ambush could mean the difference between life and death.

Gun free zones

Campus Rape Survivor: Why True Feminists Must Support Gun Rights
“I was an everyday, liberal college student with a great dislike of guns.” … “My views completely changed the night I was attacked on my own campus.”
Pepper spray failed her and she was unable to call 911. This former anti-gunner now chooses a gun for self defense.

How Did That Happen? – Florida VA Doctor Shot by Patient In a Gun-Free Zone
The idea of a gun free zone is to make sure people follow the rules and don’t bring guns in.
But if someone is willing to shoot others, which is against the law, why would they follow a sign when they already ignore the law?

Non-compliance with anti-gun laws

Gun Control is Dead – AR-15 CAD Files for 3D Printing are Out
In defiance of New Jersey Law, Defense Distributed is releasing the full technical specs for the AR-15.

Maryland Gun Owners Vow They Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers and Legislators Freak Out
“We will not comply” demonstrations are happening all over Maryland.
Anti-gunners are not happy about it.

Bipartisan Background Checks Act Passes The House
This bill aims to prevent things that were a “compromise” by gun owners for the Brady Bill.
This year’s “compromise” is next year’s “loophole” that needs to get fixed.
No more compromise.

America Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem – It has a Culture Problem
The data continually shows us that America doesn’t have a gun problem, it has a culture problem.
Fix the culture issues to fix the issues with violent crime.

Just for fun

WWII Kar98k Sniper Rifle with 4x Scope at 1,100 Yards
Even older firearms technology is impressively accurate. Now imagine doing that without a spotter on targets that don’t want to be seen.
Could you make that shot?

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