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Training Indoors, Apache Helicopter Style Heads Up Display for Soldiers

Gear and Hypocrisy

The anti-gun movement loves to have “rules for thee and not for me.” This newsletter features two anti-gun politicians who contradict themselves in a rather big way. 

As for the new gear, the military is, unfortunately, being a little tight lipped on the new optics and new military caliber. While the military has been working on a 5.56 and .308 replacement, they seem to have finally selected one. I’m very intrigued by promises they’ve made about the 6.8mm round, and they don’t seem to want to tell us. The new optic is equally interesting as it seems like it was designed by Tony Stark. Maybe someday us mere civilians will get to play with it.

Jerry Miculek’s Tips for Training at an Indoor Range
Training in a single target firing line isn’t as fun, but it’s better than nothing.

Picking Apart an Anti-Gun Presidential Candidate’s Gun Control Proposals
The anti-gun movement’s gun control efforts are so ineffective, you’d think they’re a joke. But unfortunately they aren’t joking…

News for in firearms and gear

More than a rifle: How a new 6.8mm round, advanced optics will make soldiers, Marines a lot deadlier
“And to maintain that true-to-life training, the way troops engage targets will mirror how attack helicopter pilots find and finish their adversaries. That will be through the use of the FWS-I, or Family of Weapons Sights-Individual, an all-in-one optic under development by Army researchers that pairs a rifle-mounted camera with night vision goggles and a heads-up display to allow the weapon sight to be displayed in the optic through a range of obscurants.”

Safariland, a fantastic holster company, is leaving California and moving to Florida
Safariland, a company that manufactures a variety of gear for law enforcement agencies and the military, will lay off 158 employees at its Ontario factory and move production of its holsters to a plant in Florida.

Anti-gunner Hypocracy

DA Gascón carried guns on planes, then whistle-blower was fired, suit says
It would appear that an anti-gunner carries a gun himself and violates in federal law. He doesn’t think you should have guns for your defense, but he needs a gun for self defense and doesn’t think gun free zones work.

Boulder Residents Ordered to Bring Guns to Police for Certification
So far only 87 certificates out of a city of 100,000 residents have been issued.

(Featured image via the US Military)

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