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Anti-gunners threaten to shoot sheriffs who refuse to enforce anti-gun laws

Anti-Gunners Threaten to Shoot Washington Sheriffs Who Won’t Enforce Gun-Control
Pro-gun sheriffs choose to not enforce anti-gun laws. So anti-gunners threaten to shoot those sheriffs.
Do they not see the hypocrisy of their own words?

Rape Survivor Tells Congress Gun Control Left Her Helpless
While some people issue threats to sheriffs for not enforcing anti-gun laws, this woman was raped because she followed the laws anti-gunners want enforced.
“I obeyed the law as a responsible gun owner and it ends up in me being raped.”

Why I Carry a Gun – What Critics Don’t Understand About Gun Culture
Most anti-gunners don’t realize that 5 out of 6 people will be the victim of a violent crime in their life time.
Will you hope you survive? Or will you take the steps to improve your odds of survival?

IL Bill Would Require Access To Social Media Accounts Before Gun Buy
Anti-gun idiocy is continuing to spread.
Anti-gunners really don’t care about the Constitution or Due Process when it comes to infringing on gun rights.

Shooting tip of the week

Learn How to Call Hits & Misses Without Inspecting the Target
Do you know where you hit the target without looking at the target?
It’s a critical skill for self defenders, competition shooters, hunters, and pretty much any application of a firearm.

Dynamic 2 Gun for Competition

Dynamic 2 Gun for Competition Class

Up your game for your next pistol and/or rifle competition through this 2 gun class in Austin, Texas.

Learn more about the class

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