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2nd Amendment Wins in Court

They say “speed is fine, but accuracy is final” – and it’s quite true. If you shoot soon and fast, but don’t hit anything, then you’re just wasting ammo – and if it’s a defensive situation, you’re creating potential collateral damage. Accuracy is paramount. But at the same time, accuracy without speed is just as pointless as you will get shot first.

The following video provides tips on how to achieve stability with a rifle to get those accurate shots, faster.

Shooting from Fixed Positions with a Rifle, Like a Barricade

I will take an extra second or two to get into a good fixed position with my rifle before taking a shot to make sure I get good hits.

Math for Marksmen: The Speed Vs. Accuracy Equation

Ever heard the term, “Speed is fine, but accuracy is final?”

There’s a lot of truth to it. But don’t let that cliché saying be an excuse to be slow. Accuracy only helps if the shot gets there in time.

Charles C. W. Cooke: The AR-15 Is The “Musket of Our Time”

“It makes no logical or constitutional sense for the people’s employees (our politicians) to be permitted to disarm their employers (the voters).”

Politicians are not rulers – they are public servants.

New Page: We Wish This Was Satire

We Wish This Was Satire is a new website and Facebook page dedicated to chronicling and correcting anti-gun efforts.

We Wish This Was Satire

Good News for the 2nd Amendment

Illinois Circuit Judge Rules FOID Card Unconstitutional; Attorney General Reportedly Appealing to IL Supreme Court

This is huge. We’re getting in some solid court wins.

We should not have to pay and ask for permission to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.

Utah Man Wins Stay In Looming Federal Bump Stock Ban

The order was a pretty clear cut disregard for due process and the 2nd Amendment.

Head of AK “Human Rights Comm.” Under Investigation for 1st/2nd Amendment Violations

Remember when that Alaskan “Human Rights Commissioner” told someone to not to park their truck because of a 2a sticker?

This government official was using their government power to pressure someone to give up their 1st Amendment rights and is now under investigation.

Unfortunately not all 2a news is good news

Registration Always Leads to Confiscation – A Lesson From New Zealand

Even though a good guy with a gun saved lives in NZ, they still blame the gun, not the crazy person. They are giving the terrorist what he said he wanted in his manifesto.

The terrorists are winning.

Disarmament by Bureaucracy: Florida Ag Commissioner Slow-Walking Carry Permit Reinstatement

This is the problem with rights getting licensed away.

Bureaucracy gets used to deny people their constitutional rights without due process.

Self Defense

Forced to Fire: What to Do After a Self-Defense Shooting

What you do after a DGU is just as important as what you do during.

Saying or doing the wrong things to the police can (and does) get innocent people convicted. Shut up, and wait for an attorney.

Yavapai County: Grandmother shoots home invasion suspect

Don’t mess with a grandma who is protecting her grandchildren!

Help grow the 2nd Amendment

The next generation will determine the future of the 2nd Amendment. All of the court wins today will mean nothing if the next generation simply votes away the entire 2nd Amendment. So please help get more people involved in the gun community.

NSSF's "Let's go shooting" initiative

When was the last time you took a new shooter to the range?

Check out the #LetsGoShooting and get more people out to the range!

Brian Purkiss
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Brian Purkiss is a Christian, husband, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He primarily focues on USPSA and Run & Gun competitions, but enjoys most other forms of shooting competitions as well.


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