New Years Resolution Challenge: Take More Shooting Classes

What are your New Years Resolutions? Here’s one for all firearms enthusiasts!

2018 is fast approaching, which means New Years Resolutions are right around the corner! So I have a challenge for all firearms enthusiasts:

Take more shooting classes

I don’t care if you are new to shooting or have been shooting all your life. Do black belt martial artists stop attending classes just because they’ve been practicing all their life? No! So why do firearms enthusiasts take so few shooting classes?

Honestly, I think a lot of it is due to pride. “I don’t need to take Handgun 1, I’ve been shooting handguns since I was 16.” This is an all to common excuse that keeps many shooters from improving.

There is no excuse for not attending firearms classes

I’m what most people would consider to be a very competent shooter. I practice in multiple shooting positions, go to shooting competitions regularly, and train multiple times a week. I took over 50 hours of classes last year and plan on taking even more this year. Even though I have a lot of experience shooting handguns, I’m currently considering at least two handgun classes for next year as I look to reach the next level.

You cannot achieve mastery in a skill without receiving critiques from an expert. How else are you going to get those critiques without going to a class?

Find a firearms instructor

When searching for an instructor, be sure to compare to other instructors in the area. There are many firearms instructors out there who should not be instructors. Check their credentials and look for reviews.

A simple google search for “[My town] handgun class” and variations of such a search is a great place to start. Checking out the NRA Instructors database is a good way to find NRA certified instructors. USA Carry also has a list of instructors, as does The Well Armed Woman.

Stop making excuses, and go train.

Upcoming Classes

More Austin classes coming soon

Handgun & Rifle Classes

Handgun & Rifle Classes

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