To help shooters in firearm restricted states and nations, Lantac is releasing a straight pull bolt action rifle in an AR-15 package. Using a manually operated action allows shooters to get around many of the anti-gun restrictions in place in the UK or California. Unfortunately, a bolt action AR-15 might be the closest they can get to a real AR-15.

Most well known for their “dragon” muzzle break, Lantac has been expanding and releasing some excellent products as of late.

Though this straight pull AR-15 rifle was designed for sale in the UK, shooters in firearms restricted states have expressed interest.

Why make a bolt action AR-15?

The AR-15’s handling is quite beloved by shooters all over the world. For people who are used to the AR-15, it would be welcome to have similar handling to the semi-auto version.

Parts compatibility would also be another huge benefit to a bolt action AR-15. The aftermarket support for the AR-15 is unlike any other firearm in the world. While this straight pull rifle from Lantac won’t have 100% compatibility, many existing parts will still work.