Up until now, Savage Arms hasn’t made any semi-automatic centerfire rifles. Savage is finally breaking that mold and venturing into the semi auto rifle world with their Savage MSR (modern sporting rifle). Details are very sparse, all we really know is this very teasing video. More details will be announced in January 2017.

It definitely seems to be an AR style rifle, but the video does show a side charging handle, probably not reciprocating, a M-Lok handguard/rail. Reports have also said it will be chambered in .308 with an adjustable gas block.

While the AR market is very saturated right now, a mainstream firearms manufacturer releasing a side charging AR is quite the change. It will be very interesting to see how popular a side charging AR will become.

Savage MSR AR-10

I for one am very excited Savage is getting into the semi-automatic rifle world with their new MSR. Savage’s bolt action rifles are excellent, and I have no doubt the Savage MSR and future semi-automatic Savage rifles will be excellent firearms.