From .22lr to .50bmg – Are Legos Bullet Proof?

Are Legos part of your childhood like they’re part of mine?

After this past week, let’s have a little fun with Demolition Ranch. His “will bullets penetrate ____” videos are always amusing to me. This time, he’s headed back to my childhood and shooting some of my favorite toys from growing up.

In true Demolition Ranch style, he starts with .22lr and works his way up to .50 BMG.

What calibers do you think the Legos will stop?

I was quite surprised by the Lego’s performance. Much more durable than I expected. The penetration of rifle calibers vs pistol calibers really shows how rifle calibers are designed to tumble – quite interesting.

But then again… I’ve stepped barefoot on my fair share of Legos… I should know how durable those suckers are…

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