Launch Golf Balls 500 Yards From Any AR-15 or .223 Rifle

Launch golf balls up to 500 yards with your AR-15 or .223/5.56 rifle using this simple muzzle device.

Firearms are capable of launching any reasonably sized projectile, so why not use an AR-15 as a golf ball launcher? Pair this muzzle device with .223 blanks, any AR-15 or .223/5.56 rifle can turn into a golf ball launcher capable of shooting golf balls up to 500 yards with surprising accuracy.

The world record golf drive is 515 yards – I bet that record can easily be beat with this AR-15 golf ball launcher, though using a firearm to shoot golf balls wouldn’t be accepted by the Guinness Book of World Records, it would still be fun. I’m curious if anyone has tried using this at the golf range. Instead of grabbing a 3 wood, just grab an AR-15!

Check out the NcStar AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher – an extremely cost effective muzzle device compatible with most any standard threads found on AR-15s and .223/5.56 rifles.

The X-Products Multi-Purpose Launcher launches tennis balls and X-Products Can Cannon which launches soda cans. Unfortunately, the Can Cannon costs almost $400 and the Multi-Purpose launcher costs $500. NcStar offers a much more affordable way to launch re-useable projectiles with an AR-15. Golf balls are cheap, designed to fly long distances, and can be flung using this simple muzzle device for much cheaper than those X-Products devices.

The NcStar Golf Ball Launcher can be affixed to any .223/5.56 rifle that uses a standard 1/2×28 thread pitch, which is pretty much the industry standard. In other words, if you have a threaded barrel on your AR-15 or other .223/5.56 rifle, you can use blank rounds to fling golf balls farther than any golfer with the pull of the trigger.

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Golf Ball Launcher Muzzle Device for the AR-15 by NcStar

Launch golf balls 500 yards from an AR-15 or .223/5.56 rifle.


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