Jerry Miculek set’s another world record for the STL Trill – ten shots in 1.59 seconds.

Jerry Miculek is a living legend in the firearms world, holding multiple world records and many shooting titles. Few people familiar with firearms don’t know his name.

At Shot Show 2017, Jerry Miculek set another shooting world record for his STL drill. The STL drill is three targets at fifteen feet, four shots on center mass, two shots on the head, two shots in center mass on the right target, and two shots in center mass on the left target, for a total of ten shots.

Jerry Miculek does the STL Drill in 1.59 seconds. That is just under 7 rounds a second, while transitioning between targets.

Here’s a full video with Jerry Miculek’s explanation of the STL drill.

Jerry Miculek used the Smith & Wesson M&P 15T, with the new Vortex Razor AMG sight, shooting Hornady 55 steel match, and the JM-Pro trigger. An excellent rifle.