Aimpoint brings legendary durability and reliability for an optic that can be trusted in any situation.

Aimpoint optics are known in the industry as being some of the most durable optics available, particularly the Aimpoint red dot sights. John Lovell is a former special operations soldier and has seen 5 combat tours – so he has put his gear to the test, and he trusts Aimpoint.

Unfortunately, Aimpoint red dots have a little bit of a price tag compared to other red dots. Aimpoint’s red dots start around $450, which is over twice as much as some red dot alternatives from Sig Sauer or Holosun. While Sig Sauer and Holosun’s red dots provide more than enough quality and reliability for the majority of shooters, Aimpoint takes red dot durability to the next level.

Aimpoint red dots are able to maintain about five years of always-on battery life. Some Aimpoint red dots can even reach 8 years of always-on battery life with lower brightness settings. This means shooters can stage the rifle for home defense or duty use and never need to worry about remembering to flip on the sight. This legendary battery life keeps a rifle ready to go at any time.