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I Just Downloaded a Gun I Can Print on a 3D Printer, Effectively Killing Gun Control

Homemade firearms have been a thing for longer than America has been around. Gun owners have been modifying their existing firearms and manufacturing brand new firearms since the very beginning. Throughout the United States’ history, gun owners have always been allowed to modify and manufacture their own firearms for personal use, as long as they stay within various restrictions, such as abiding by the NFA.

All of that seems to be news to the anti-gun movement after the recent court decision to allow the ownership and distribution of 3D printed firearms plans. The anti-gun movement went all out in a campaign to stir up as much fearmongering as possible to get this stopped.

Anti-gunners on Twitter freaking out about homemade guns

Anti-gunners freaking out on Twitter about homemade guns, which have always been legal

It’s like the anti-gun movement never realized that you can make a shotgun out of a metal pipe and a nail from Home Depot. It’s also like they didn’t know anything that existing gun laws allow gun owners to manufacture their own firearms for personal use. Or perhaps that the 1st Amendment protects the sharing of knowledge.

Which is in fact what happened. The government argued that the distribution of 3D printed gun files was a national security risk, which would override the 1st Amendment. But the recent decision confirmed that the knowledge of how to manufacture firearms is protected under the 1st Amendment.

You can now download and print your own firearm in your own home.

Let me expand on these implications.

3D printed firearms completely kills all gun control

Gun control relies on the government’s power to take guns away from citizens and keeping them from acquiring new firearms. This has always been virtually impossible, but 3D printing makes gun control definitively impossible. Now that anyone can make their own firearm in their own home with limited skill or knowledge with economical hardware, the government has no ability to keep citizens from acquiring new firearms.

This ruling also got the government to admit that AR-15s and other firearms are not “military weapons” – which could have additional implications in overturning state-wide firearm feature bans, but that’s another topic.

Liberator 3D Printed Firearm

Download firearms now!

Remember that old anti-piracy commercial stating that you wouldn’t download a car? Well, now you can download all of the information needed to print a fully functioning firearm. Sure, these downloadable firearms are not of the highest quality, durability, or accuracy. But we’ll get there as 3D printing technology advances.

The first distributed 3D printed gun, the Liberator, was a single use firearm. Not a single shot firearm, a single use. It cracked right away and the mere act of firing the Liberator destroyed itself. But as firearm designers experiment and 3D printing advances, 3D printed firearms are getting better and better with semi-reliable semi-auto 3D printed firearms making substantial progress. 3D Printed AR-15 lower receivers are even in the works! The AR-15 design in the following video obviously needs more work before it can be reliably chambered in .223/5.56, but progress is being made!

The free sharing of knowledge is what determines a free individual. An armed individual retains that freedom. Downloadable 3D printed firearms is a unique convergence of these two cornerstones of freedom.

Gun control is dead.

Download a firearm today!

Brian Purkiss
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Brian Purkiss is a Christian, husband, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He primarily focues on USPSA and Run & Gun competitions, but enjoys most other forms of shooting competitions as well.

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