There’s lots of misconceptions when it comes to flying with firearms in America. Most of these misconceptions are due to the recently rapidly changing firearm laws, and the good ‘ol telephone game. MAC from the Military Arms Channel has plenty of experience flying with firearms and helps clear up the conflicting stories.

Remember, the first thing you should always do is check the firearm related laws of the state you are traveling to. If you take a standard capacity 30 round magazine to California for example, it will not go well for you. If you’re going to take your conceal carry weapon (CCW), make sure your license has reciprocity with that state and you understand the local laws of where you can and can’t carry.

When flying with a firearm, you must have a certain type of case and lock, must check in and declare your firearms, and follow other steps.

The laws for flying with a firearm are federal and should not be taken lightly. People have gone to jail for forgetting a lose single round of ammunition in the bottom of their bag. If you’re lucky and don’t bring the right case for your firearm, you’ll just miss your flight. If you’re unlucky, thousands of dollars in fines and the forfeiture of your firearm will be the best outcome you can get.