How Much of a Difference Can a Slight Rifle Cant Make?

A slight cant in a rifle can turn an easy shot into a miss.

Bullets arc and riflescopes point in a straight line. This is why our scopes are designed to account for bullet drop and why we have to adjust our aim based on a target’s distance. This also means an angled rifle has an un-aligned rifle scope and bullet path.

Rifle Cant

This is a simple concept that would warrant a “duh” when discussed in casual conversation, but it is extremely easy to make this mistake when behind the rifle, especially under stress.

For shorter distance shots, rifle can’t isn’t a huge deal. But when shooting for precision or shooting at long distances, a rifle’s cant will throw off a shot.

How to avoid canted rifle misses

A simple bubble level mounted to a rifle or rifle scope is an extremely easy and reliable way to avoid this mistake.

After getting some time behind a rifle while paying attention to the bubble level, you’ll get a feel for when the rifle is level or canted. I tend to only look at my precision rifle’s bubble when I’m getting settled in and/or when I’m taking long range shots.

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