Hollow Points in Slow Motion

Slow motion footage of bullets shooting stuff never gets old.

I mean really, it just doesn’t get old. Even though I’ve seen slow motion of gel tests, shaving cream explosions, and more – it just doesn’t get old!

This video features high speed slow motion footage of a few different types of ammunition from a few different guns, including 9mm and 10mm. The guys shoot gel blocks and gel blocks though some types of cover. And then just for fun, they toss in some less conventional and un-scientific targets, but still plenty entertaining.

And here’s some more slow motion gel block footage!

Even more gel blocks getting shot by various Super Vel hollow point ammunition in slow motion. The video also includes bonus food and canned shaving cream. This second video features additional calibers, including .380, .38 Special, 9mm, .45 and 10mm!

CarryTrainer is an excellent YouTube channel full of useful lessons, tricks, drills, and more for the conceal carry minded shooter. Their channel is well worth subscribing to.

This video of theirs is a more “for fun” video. While it isn’t their normal style of video, it is entertaining.

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