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Firearms Focused Patreon Channels to Support Thanks to YouTube Demonetization

YouTube has been working hard to make itself appealing to advertisers to keep its revenue up. In doing so, it has been demonetizing firearms related channels, and videos about any other content it deems not advertiser friendly. It’s now at the point where YouTube is even demonetizing channels about first person shooter video games. Note, they’re demonetizing channels, not stopping ads. Ads will still play before these “questionable” videos, but content creators do not get compensated for it.

As such, firearms content creators have been turning to a service called Patreon to receive periodic donations for their videos.

Here’s an alphabetical list of firearms oriented channels to support. If you know of a firearms channel that should be added to the list, let me know.

Bigshooterist on YouTube

Bigshooterist on Patreon

“We walk through the history and development of many fascinating platforms together, and we preserve it for future generations. We discuss things honestly and openly, cutting through the bull-crap and getting to the root of our discussions. We can call it “Sharing the Craft” or simply “Passing it On” but if we don’t document solid information, we stand the chance it will get lost in the multitude of urban legends and internet myths. Having been intimately involved in the firearms industry for over 25 years, most of that time as an NFA Firearms Manufacturer, there is never a shortage of interesting subject matter. So come with me on this journey to share the truth, create brass rainbows, and never let an illogical anti-gun argument stand unchallenged.”

C&Rsenal YouTube Channel

C&Rsenal on Patreon

“Our series attempts to display the complete history, design, and service of military small arms. We’ve begun our effort with an ambitious goal of documenting the complete catalog of WWI armament. We put in every bit of talent available to us in order to research, reload, film, photograph, and even animate these historical pieces.”

Capandball on YouTube

Capandball on Patreon

“My name is Capandball, and you may know my name from YouTube. I teach military history at a university in Hungary, while I research old firearms and the way they were used by our ancestors. I am also a shooter member of the National Team of my country, so I have quite a good amount of experience what is needed to hit the center of the target. My videos on YouTube are solely about historical firearms.”

The Firearm Rack on Patreon

Firearm Rack was created because there was a distinct lack of real-world reviews that take into account how a product performs over a much longer time period than you would find in your average online review. By subjecting firearms to the round counts that they might experience when owned by the average gun owner (625 rounds per year according to the NSSF) for approximately 8 to 10 years of use, we feel that we will be able to provide valuable insight into what part failures that an owner might run into over their ownership of a particular firearm.

Forgotten Weapons YouTube Channel

Forgotten Weapons on Patreon

“My private goal from the very beginning of this project has been to create a comprehensive encyclopedia of firearms development. That is such a Quixotic goal that I don’t generally mention it, but the project has grown so far beyond any of my expectations in the past years that my impossible goal looks a bit less impossible these days. It is still a lifetime’s work at least, but I can’t imagine anything I would rather be doing.”

Hank Strange on YouTube

Hank Strange on Patreon

“Passionately Pursuing The Lifestyles Of The Locked And Loaded: Hank Strange is an Enthusiastic Supporter of The Second Amendment, Guns in America and Inalienable Firearms Rights for All People Around the World.”

InRangeTV YouTube

InRangeTV on Patreon

“InRange is a regular weekly online video program that examines guns, shooting, and gun culture through a lens of historic perspective. Are you tired of seeing video after video after video on some new style of AR15 rail system or Glock grip plug? If that has gotten old and boring, then InRange might be the show for you. InRange TV will introduce you to gear that is different and interesting, and will tell you if it’s actually worth a hoot or not. We will do real testing on real products. We will dispel the myths, promote the good stuff that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, and tell you when the latest thing on glossy magazine covers is actually crap. Does that sound better than yet another review of a Century AK?”

Iraqveteran8888 on YouTube

Iraqveteran8888 on Patreon

“We’ve been creating quality video content on for almost 10 years and due to recent discord in the YouTube community, as well as multiple requests from our viewers, we’ve decided to set up a Patreon account to be able to accept donations. We work hard for our viewers and your donations are greatly appreciated. Your donations will be used to cover costs of filming videos, new equipment, consumables, as well as helping us to continue to support other content creators with resources, time, and expertise.”

The Late Boy Scout on YouTube

The Late Boy Scout on Patreon

“Get into Gear and Ideas for Freedom and Fun. On this channel you’ll find top-quality videos about guns, knives, and all kinds of related gear – plus outdoor adventures, tactical training reports, and thoughts about lawful self defense and daily preparedness.”

Military Arms YouTube Channel

Military Arms Channel on Patreon

“I started the Military Arms Channel because of my passion for collecting and shooting firearms and my love for our 2nd Amendment community. I want to bring you, my viewers, along with me to the range to see new and even some older unusual items. It’s about sharing knowledge (both ways, I learn from you too!) and promoting the responsible use of firearms. ”

Mrgunsngear on YouTube

Mrgunsngear on Patreon

“Here on the channel I do reviews of firearms and related gear. I’ll probably throw in the occasional how-to video here and there as well.”

Paul Harrell on YouTube

Paul Harrell on Patreon

“We have created this patreon account in hopes that contributions can support maintaining quality production in the future including upgrading equipment and the purchase products to be tested.”

PolenarTactical YouTube

Polenar Tactical on Patreon

“Polenar Tactical is a small group of shooters and and firearm enthusiasts based in Slovenia, Europe. Our passion is to produce high quality firearm related videos, some more serious with tactical and teaching applications in mind and some purely for entertainment.”

Regular Guy Training LLC

Regular Guy Training on Patreon

“We are here to provide honest gear reviews without an opinion owned by others. This has always been your page and with your help we will do whatever we have to do to bring you the data that people leave out.”

Skinny Medic on YouTube

Skinny Medic on Patreon

“I post preparedness type videos on YouTube. You never know when you may need to be the first responder to someone in need!”

Sootch00 on YouTube

Sootch00 on Patreon

“Every dollar is appreciated and these funds will help continue the production of videos not only on the Sootch00 YouTube Channel but also the SensiblePrepper Channel and other Gun Friendly Media sources. We have plans for increasing the awards to bring you more background in what goes into the videos and other Patreon member perks.”

TFB TV YouTube

TFB TV on Patreon

“The story of The Firearm Blog and TFBTV starts 10 years ago when Steve J started a small blog with one rule: “Guns, Not Politics”. He ignored the craziness, his own personal feelings and affiliations and pledged to blog only about guns and related gear, nothing else, creating an space online where guns could be discussed free of flame-wars and political debates. He succeeded and TFB continued to grow into the site it is today.”

Triangle Tactical YouTube

Triangle Tactical on Patreon

“For the last 5 years I’ve been doing the Triangle Tactical Podcast almost every week with two goals: help get people started in competitive shooting, and help people those already started to get better. It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. On top of helping folks get started and get better, I’m also travelling down the path of getting better at shooting, as well as doing my best to bust competitive shooting myths in the “Junk Science” series of podcast episodes.”

VSO Gun Channel YouTube

VSO Gun Channel on Patreon

“VSO creates some of the most visually diverse firearms related media on the net. SIMPLE, We do it our way. We have many projects and initiatives planned; by contributing to this Patreon account you will be directly funding costs associated with kick-ass range based content.”

The Warrior Poet Society on YouTube

The Warrior Poet Society on YouTube

“The Warrior Poet Society is for a special type of protector. We are those who live for a higher purpose. We are people who love others and are ready to give ourselves in the defense of those weaker. We are people of conviction. We are people of deep thought. And lastly, we are skilled in violence so when diplomacy fails, we will not.”

What’s your favorite Patreon page to support?

Brian Purkiss
Written by

Brian Purkiss is a Christian, husband, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He primarily focues on USPSA and Run & Gun competitions, but enjoys most other forms of shooting competitions as well.

Photo via the US Army

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