“A Falling Gun is All Trigger”

Firearms safety is no joke. Don't try to grab a gun out of the air. Just let it fall.

“A Falling Gun is All Trigger” Pistol Drill

While statistically automobile accidents, accidental poisoning, and medical errors are more likely to kill someone than a firearm, any avoidable death is tragic. Firearms are inherently dangerous, just like many other leisure activities, such as swimming, cycling, offroading, team sports, and just about every other physical recreational activity. That’s why we take safety precautions in all of these activities.

Even though accidental deaths by firearms are on the decline, that doesn’t mean the 4 rules of firearm safety should be taken lightly. Gunshot wounds can seriously injure or kill someone.

While we want to keep our guns in good working order and prevent unnecessary wear and tear, there is no good reason to try and grab a dropped gun.

Reaching for a firearm that is falling through the air can easily result in a grabbed trigger and a negligent discharge in an unknown and unsafe direction.

A falling gun is all trigger

If you drop a gun, do not attempt to grab it out of the air. Simply let it fall and pick it up off the ground.

Written by - always a student, sometimes a teacher.

I don't consider myself a competition shooter - I think of myself as a performance pistol shooter. I am all about performing at as high of a level as possible. Towards that end, I am obsessive about learning how to perform. I spend a lot of my life learning from the best across the entire firearms world and even into other areas of performance and other sports. I am a USPSA Carry Optics Grandmaster, currently working towards my second GM title in the Open division.

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