The Glock tagline is “Glock Perfection.” But despite what the tagline leads you to believe, Glocks are the most customized pistol on the market with the greatest aftermarket support. This allows shooters to improve and custom tailor their pistols to suit their exact needs.

Dave Spaulding is the owner of the reputable Handgun Combatives and 26 year LEO veteran. Here are some of his “essential” modifications to tune your Glock handgun to better suit your needs.

Factory sights

It is generally accepted that the Glock factory sights leave a lot to be desired. They’re plastic, and the sight picture is far from optimal. Thankfully there are many aftermarket options available, particularly sight options with fiber front sights.

Dave coordinated with Ameriglo and designed his own Dave Spaulding Glock sights – though there are many other glock sights on the market.

Magazine release

For people with small hands, manipulating the magazine release can require an adjustment of your grip to work the button. Swapping out for a slightly larger magazine release button helps shooters reach that mag release for faster reloads.

Slide release

Many pistols on the market suffer from a small slide release. Having an improved slide release allows for a faster and more consistent manipulation for reloads.

Dave uses the Bullet Forward slide lock lever, which he also aided in the design of.

Trigger connector

Like the sights, it’s generally accepted that the Glock trigger isn’t a fantastic trigger compared to many other striker fire pistols on the market. While there are many aftermarket complete Glock triggers on the market, Dave simply replaces the trigger connector. Specifically, he uses the Ghost rocket connector to improve his stock Glock trigger. This part does require fitting, so it is usually a good idea to take it to a competent gunsmith.

Agree? Disagree?

Pistol selection is a massively debated topic. Pistol upgrades are an even greater hot button topic. Do you agree or disagree with Dave Spaulding’s assessment?

What are your favorite Glock upgrades?