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The Easy (and Legal) Way to Buy a SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)

Getting a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) or other NFA item, such as a suppressor, isn’t as daunting or time consuming as it once was. Silencer Shop has you covered thanks to their amazing NFA kiosk, found all across the US. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to wade through the ATF paperwork to easily (and legally) get your own SBR.

What is a SBR?

A SBR, or short barreled rifle, is a rifle with a barrel length less than 16 inches or an overall rifle length of less than 26 inches. Having a length shorter than either of those classifies a rifle as a short barreled rifle, and falls under the NFA rules, which means it needs a $200 tax stamp along with some paperwork, fingerprints, and photo to legally own. The tax stamp then has to go through a review process, which can take some time.

Thankfully, these days Form 1 approval processes can take less than a few weeks!

Purchase online

Want to purchase a SBR and Form 1 online? It’s pretty easy thanks to Silencer Shop.

Step 1: Fill out the NFA paperwork at a Silencer Shop location or at a Silencer Shop Kiosk – here’s where to find a Silencer Shop Kiosk. This kiosk will handle the fingerprinting, photo, and other paperwork. It’s a very easy process.

Step 2: Purchase the Form 1 Fillout, make sure to add a tax stamp to the options and progress through Silencer Shop’s checkout like a normal eCommerce process.

Step 3: Check your email for next steps from Silencer Shop.

Step 4: Click on the link provided in the email from Silencer Shop and fill out and submit the Form 1 info.

Step 5: Open up the email from DocuSign and sign that document.

Step 6: Wait on the ATF for your SBR.

Buy a SBR locally

Don’t want to purchase online and instead want to shop locally? Virtually all local gun shops selling NFA items are setup to take care of you. Check the Silencer Shop database to find a local gun shop that sells NFA items.

If your local gun shop doesn’t have a Silencer Shop Kiosk, they likely have their own streamlined process for NFA paperwork. Give that shop a call and ask if they are setup for fingerprinting and the photo, most likely they are. Drop on by and they’ll happily help you out without going through the online steps. The process can take a while though, so be sure to have plenty of time in your schedule.

If you’re in the Austin, Texas area, I recommend Capitol Armory.

Getting a “SBR” without the NFA paperwork

Like virtually all government regulations, there are ways to mostly get around it. Purchasing a “pistol” with a stabilizing brace allows you to have an almost short barreled rifle that is not classified as a rifle, technically it’s a pistol.

However, be warned, while the ATF currently doesn’t have a problem with shouldering braces at this time, that may change in the future. Similarly, it is possible to get in trouble with “intent to build a SBR” if you have “rifle” parts with your “pistol.” Simply make sure to have the pistol in a complete state and to never ever put a rifle length upper receiver on the pistol and to never put a rifle stock on the pistol.

Don’t want to deal with that potential headache for your SBR? The other option is to use a 14.5″ barrel with a pinned muzzle device. As long as the permanent welding of the muzzle device brings the overall barrel length of the rifle to over 16″ – then it’s legally considered to be a rifle, not a SBR, but is slightly shorter than rifles with 16″ barrels and muzzle devices on top of that. While it isn’t as short as a true SBR, the only paperwork you need to fill out is signing the receipt of the gunsmith who welded the muzzle device. I personally have one of these types of rifles and it’s great.

Why do we have to do deal with NFA paperwork for a SBR?

As was previously mentioned, rifles with a barrel length under 16 inches or under an overall length of 26 inches are classified as SBRs and fall under the NFA regulations. NFA items require a $200 tax stamp, paperwork, fingerprinting, photo, and the ATF needs to know where it is. That’s a headache and costs money – so why deal with it just to have a shorter barrel on your rifle?

While it is very unfortunate that Uncle Sam requires us to jump through all of these hoops in order to buy a rifle with a barrel shorter than sixteen inches, it is what we must do to obey the law. Failure to obey the NFA will make you a felon, which means you lose all of your 2nd Amendment rights. You do not want to joke around with the ATF.

In the meantime, contact your representatives and urge them to abolish the NFA.

Brian Purkiss
Written by

Brian Purkiss is a Christian, husband, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He primarily focues on USPSA and Run & Gun competitions, but enjoys most other forms of shooting competitions as well.

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19 responses to “The Easy (and Legal) Way to Buy a SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)”

  1. Dajha says:

    can my girl friend have an ar 15 pistol with out a licence or tax stamp??? Can ahe carry it the car in the state of tx. and Louisiana

    • If she is not a felon or other prohibited person, it is possible to purchase a pistol if she is over 21. I don’t know about Louisiana as I don’t live there, but as for Texas, it is possible to transport pistols in cars as long as they are out of sight.

      (I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice disclaimer)

      • Douglas Alan Altman says:

        Louisiana is a state that considers your car like your home. You can conceal a weapon in the car without a carry permit.

  2. Thomas Culpepper says:

    I have a Sig Saur 300 blackout that I wish to shorten te amo mucho! barrel and add a suppressor, as this is what the weapon is truely designed for, yet all I read I’mve still confured as to the correct avenue to traverse. Do I apply for a suppressor for the 16 inch barrel, then aply for the short barrel? I need some guidance .

  3. toni cawthon says:

    1 month i bought a pak 9 pistol, no problem. next month, same dealer and i get turned down. i am similar to person or persons who could have or not could have been convicted of a crime that could have resulted in a year in year. spent or not. age not withstanding now. they can unseal all records and go back to the day you’re born, age not limited now. in one moth i went from retired peace officer, still carry and have concealed license to a maybe convicted bad guy. I ran my prints and nothing. doj won’t even talk to me. neither will the fbi, people i’ve worked with in the past. now i can’t even buy ammo in calif. maybe i should have been a bad guy instead, i’d be able to buy anything i want. even now.

  4. Cayden says:

    I’m buying a 9mm at from a private sale, do I need to get a tax stamp?

    • You cannot buy a SBR through a private sale. It has to go through a dealer with a tax stamp.

      If it is not a SBR, you can buy it through a private sale in most states. Know your local laws.

  5. Wade says:

    Can someone give you a SBR and then you register it

    • A SBR cannot be legal until it is registered. So it would be an illegal SBR given to you if it wasn’t registered before it was given to you.

  6. Mike C says:

    Can you buy a sbr from a delear but have the dealer kept the stock. And not legally have to go through sbr paperwork. Not have a stock for it and buy a brace?

  7. Josue cruz says:

    I bought a imi defense kidon pistol to carbine platform shipped from isreal. It comes with a buttstock attached and i do not have a tax stamp. Is this wrong?? What do i do to make it right if so?

    • If the barrel is 16 inches, you’re fine – it’s a rifle not a SBR. If it is shorter, I recommend reaching out to a local gun store and asking for help.

  8. I built a Ar with a 11.5 inch barrel. But the overall length of it is 31 inches. Do I have to get a tax stamp?

  9. Aaron says:

    If an online dealer has an SBR for sale, can I purchase it and apply/wait for the stamp before taking delivery from my local FFL?

    • Yes. Shops will have setups to hold onto the SBR while you wait for the stamp. Simply reach out to the seller for more information and they’ll help you go through the legal process.

  10. Steven Benfieild says:

    Can a 11.5-inch barrel with BCG be bought at a gun show without a tax stamp since a barrel is not a firearm

    • Just the barrel, yes you could. However, unless you have a pistol AR lower, the ATF could potentially charge you with “intent” to make a SBR.

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