Perfect the Index

Perfect the ability to look at a target and instinctively get the sights on target without any correction needed.

What is the Perfect the Index Drill?

Most people practice their Instagram-worthy draw by taking a perfect stance, perfectly squaring up on the target, and getting the perfect hand position. That’s not how things will be in anything other than a video for Instagram where you don’t show your hits.

In real life and in practical pistol matches, your first target could be in any direction. Therefore we need to be able to look at a target, any target, and have our sights magically go to that target and be perfectly lined up.

To get good at having the sights lined up without correction as well as having the sights go where we look, we need to practice pointing out gun at a wide variety of orientations – which is the purpose of this drill.

Instead of perfectly lining up on a target, change up the orientation of your body in relation to the target to develop a strong index no matter where the target is.

Developing this skill will not only help with the draw to first shot, it will also help with getting the gun on target quickly on entering a position. It can even help speed up transitions!

How to Setup

Drill Setup

  • 1 Small Target – Options: a 20 yard target, a steel target, a light switch, a partial target – doesn’t matter as long as it is small.
  • Start position: gun in one hand, body oriented in a random direction for each draw
  • 6 shots required
How to Dry Fire

Drill Steps

  1. At the beep, build a two handed grip and fire two shots.
  2. Reset for the next string.
  3. At the beep, use only one hand and fire two shots.
  4. Reset for the next string, put the gun in the support hand.
  5. At the beep, use only the one hand and fire two shots.
  6. Return the gun to the primary hand and repeat.
How to Mod

Drill Modifications

  • The absolute key is to keep moving the body orientation to the target for each new string.
  • Try adding a one or two step movement into a position.
  • Add leaning around walls – using a vision barrier is great.

Drill Tips

Don’t look “generally at” the target. Look at a small finite point on the target. The goal is to have the sights go exactly where we look. The smaller the spot we look at, the more accurate we’ll get with our index.

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Drill Diagnostics

If you want to test how good your index is and how well the sights line up, close your eyes. Run the drill but close your eyes before drawing the pistol and open your eyes after the gun is up and out. If you have a good index, your sights will be lined up and pointed on target or very close to the target. Try this while perfectly squared up on the target and as that becomes easy, try to vary up the start position more and more.

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Drill Environment

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