Follow the Eyes

Improve the accuracy of transitions by bringing the sights to the eyes.

What is the Follow the Eyes Drill?

The eyes can travel from target to target faster than the gun from target to target. Transitioning the eyes ahead of the gun to the target helps transitions be faster and more accurate.

As soon as the shot breaks, it is important to transition the eyes ahead of the gun and onto the next target. The gun follows the eyes – which is exactly what this skill isolation drill focuses on. The more precisely the gun stops exactly where the eyes are looking, the faster transitions will be.

This drill is VERY similar to the Lead with the Eyes drill as well as the Click Transition drill. All three drills are great to run in conjunction with each other, starting with Follow the Eyes, then Lead with the Eyes, then Click Transition.

How to Setup

Drill Setup

  • 2 Targets at 7 yards, 5 yards between them
  • Start position: Gun in hand, finger touching trigger but not pulling it back. Handgun sights lined up on the right target, eyes on the left target.
  • 4 shots required, 2 shots per string.
How to Dry Fire

Drill Steps

  1. At the beep, transition to the left target where the eyes already are and engage with two shots.
  2. Reset for the second string. Keep the gun on the left target and look with the eyes on the right target.
  3. At the beep, transition to the right target where the eyes already are and engage with two shots.
How to Mod

Drill Modifications

  • Transition to the target like the normal drill, but don’t pull the trigger. See the sights enter the area of acceptable accuracy on the left target, then snap the eyes to the right target and engage it with two shots. Run the drill both directions.
  • Changing the lateral distance between targets helps ensure accurate transitions of any distance.
  • Put the targets at different heights. Not all transitions are perfectly horizontal from each other. Accurate diagonal transitions are important in the practical pistol world.

Video Explanation

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Drill Tips

As the gun transitions onto the target, you’ll see the sights coming onto the target out of your peripheral. It’s important to keep your eyes fixed on the target and let your sights come to your eyes. When the sights enter the area of acceptable accuracy, rip the shot.

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Mason Lane discusses excessive tension in pistol transitions

Mason Lane

Mason Lane is a USPSA national champion, 4 division USPSA Grandmaster, IDPA Distinguished Master, and traveling firearms instructor.

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Drill Diagnostics

Watch as the sights arrive on target. Look to see if they under travel or over travel. The sights should stop precisely on target.

Watch to see if the sights arrive on target in a straight line. If the sights arc up and over or down and under, they aren’t traveling in a straight line – which is the shortest distance between two points. The fastest a transitions have the sights travel in a straight line.

Drill Author

Travis Tomasie

Travis is a multiple world and national IPSC and USPSA champion, Army Veteran and former member of the US Army Marksmanship Unit. He travels all over the US teaching and competing.

Travis Tomasie’s Website »

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Drill Environment

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