Don’t be a Slacktavist with Petitions – Call Your Representatives

Don’t be a slacktivist. Don’t sign petitions without calling your representative.

There is a terrible trend forming in the political activism realm, in the 2nd Amendment community and beyond. Tools like and have turned people into slacktivists.

A slacktivist is someone who puts forth the minimum amount of effort in their activism, which does virtually nothing. For example, sharing a Facebook post or signing a petition and believing they have done something to enact positive change.

The problem is, our representatives in the US Government don’t look at these petitions to formulate opinions. The White House doesn’t even adhere to these petitions. Remember when the firearms community rallied around the Repeal the NFA petition?

Failed Repeal the NFA Petition

Nothing came from this White House petition.

Now there’s a petition making the rounds to not pass HB3999 and other anti-gun bills that have been introduced since Las Vegas. The problem is, people will sign this petition thinking they’ve done their civic duty and will move on.

Signing a petition does not help restore 2nd Amendment rights.


Calling your representatives is the best way to actually enact change and help keep the anti-gun movement at bay. Calling your representatives lets your voice be heard. Calling your representatives has worked all across the US at the state and national level.

It is not a guarantee, but it does make a huge difference.

Find your representatives’ contact info.

If you sign a petition but don’t call your representative, you are not helping the 2nd Amendment.

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Brian Purkiss is a firearms instructor, competitive shooter, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He enjoys competing in and organizing Run and Gun Competitions, as well as shooting in USPSA, Outlaw matches, and 3 Gun.