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Constitutional Carry Signed by New Hampshire Governor – Effective Immediately!

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed Constitutional Carry into law, making New Hampshire the 12th state to pass Constitutional Carry. Constitutional carry removes the need for a license to conceal carry a handgun within the state of New Hampshire.

After Constitutional Carry passed in the state Senate, Governor Chris Sununu wrote:

“I am pleased that the State Senate today voted to advance common sense legislation in support of a citizen’s fundamental right to carry a firearm, joining neighboring states throughout the region and across the country.”

Constitutional Carry removes the extra cost required to exercise their 2nd Amendment right, allowing lower income families to be able to exercise their rights without unnecessary financial burdens.

The passage of Constitutional Carry does not allow those already unable to possess a firearm to be able to legally conceal carry a firearm.

Brian Purkiss
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Brian Purkiss is a Christian, husband, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He primarily focues on USPSA and Run & Gun competitions, but enjoys most other forms of shooting competitions as well.

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