Consistent Hits at 300 Yards with an Air Rifle

Get hits at 300 yards with an air rifle!

Air rifles are fantastic training tools for firearms enthusiasts. Other than recoil control, air rifles can act as training tools for every other component of rifle marksmanship skills, especially reading the wind. When taking a distance shot with an air rifle, every tiny mistake you make will be amplified and obvious.

I have a different precharged pneumatic air rifle in .177cal, and it makes for an excellent training rifle, particularly when it comes to precision rifle shooting.

The Hatsan Hercules is definitely a high end air rifle, but there are plenty of much more economical pump action air rifles which can provide some excellent, and inexpensive, training.

Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle Specifications

  • Calibers: .177cal, .22cal, .25cal, .30cal, .357cal, .45cal
  • Reservoir capacity: 250 bar
  • Shot count at optimal velocity: 177 cal=70, .22 cal=65, .25 cal=62, .30 cal=51, .357 cal=48
    Muzzle energy: .177 cal=32.5 fpe, .22 cal=49 fpe, .25 cal=64 fpe, .30 cal=97 fpe, .357 cal=142.5 fpe, .45 cal=225
  • Weight: 13lbs
  • Barrel length: 23″
  • Overall length: 45.4″
  • Price: $1,199.99

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