CMMG Mutant (AR-15 / AK-47 Hybrid) Meltdown

A complete meltdown of the CMMG Mutant – a blend of the AR-15 and AK-47. How long do you think it will last?

Iraqveteran8888 has done a number of firearm meltdown videos, several meltdowns were mentioned on Locked Back. In these meltdown videos, they run firearms until they can’t fire anymore. They put these handguns and rifles through more rounds than anyone would realistically fire in that period of time – but they are fun and interesting nonetheless.

To me, I find it interesting to compare different brands of AR-15s to each other. It’s a very measurable demonstration of the quality and value differences in low end and high end rifles.

In this latest meltdown video, they take a stab at the CMMG Mutant – an AR-15 designed to accept AK-47 magazines and 7.62×39.

The CMMG Mutant’s eventual failure point

(spoilers!) The CMMG Mutant ultimately fails around the 10 minute mark in the video. The after action report begins right around 11 minutes 40 seconds.

Not surprisingly, the gas tube was the point of failure – which is the designed point of failure for AR-15s. Rather than get to the point of complete explosive failure, the gas tube is designed to break in a safe and easy to repair manner. Not surprisingly, that’s what happened with the Mutant, which uses the AR-15’s direct gas impingement system.

This point of failure also means the CMMG Mutant still worked as a single shot firearm.

Ultimately, the CMMG Mutant fired 1,255 rounds before failing. Comparing that to the AK-47 meltdown, the Mutant fired 360 rounds more than the AK-47 did before failing. It also made it about 400-500 rounds more than other direct gas impingement AR-15s.

What I find even more interesting is comparing the DI AR-15s to the POF P416 Gas Piston Meltdown. That AR-15 never failed and shot all 2,500 rounds that were brought to the range for the meltdown.

Verdict? AR-15s will last longer than anyone would ever fire in a realistic scenario.

About the CMMG Mutant

The CMMG Mutant is an interesting way to run low cost 7.62×39 through an AR-15 style rifle.

From the CMMG website:

The Mk47 combines the accuracy and modularity of the AR-15 with the reliability of the AK47. The Mk47 features mid-sized receivers based on our Mk3 platform carved from billet 7075-T6 aluminum. The Mk47 was designed to harness the power and reliability of the 7.62x39mm cartridge utilizing a robust bolt also based off our Mk3. The unique Mk47 lower receiver readily accepts all standard AK Magazines. Every rifle comes equipped with a MOE pistol grip, CTR stock, Ambi Safety, Ambi Charging Handle, SV muzzle brake, Geissele SSA trigger, 30rd AK PMAG, and CMMG’s lifetime quality guarantee.

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