The M1A/M14 is a very popular and established rifle, first seeing military service in 1959, and is still being used by the US Military today. In addition to its military service, the M1A is popular in the civilian market as a sporting rifle. Despite its popularity, it is a more complicated rifle than an AR-15 or AK-47, so it requires more maintenance and upkeep.

If you own one of these classic rifles, be sure to keep up with its maintenance and cleaning.

Supplies to clean & lubricate your M1A/M14

  • BreakFree CLP or other cleaner/lubricant
  • Some sort of brush, like a toothbrush
  • A punch or other fine tipped tool
  • A pull cable, or bore snake, or cleaning rod
  • Cleaning swabs, be it scrap cloth or paper towels
  • Grease, like the Mobil 1 synthetic grease, and syringe