Run & Gun Workshop

This Run & Gun Workshop is a derivative of the Competition 2 Gun Class, however, it is modified specifically for Run and Gun competitions.

In this Run and Gun class, we will go over techniques for how to be fast and accurate with your handgun and rifle, fluidly (and safely) moving around a stage, transitioning quickly between targets, stage strategies, and more.

If you want to get the competitive edge in your next run and gun, this is the class for you.

Class goals & skills covered:

  • Have a fun and safe day at the range
  • Gear review and critique
  • Improve handgun and rifle handling and manipulation
  • Controlling a handgun and rifle through recoil
  • Transitioning between targets with a rifle and handgun
  • Moving between positions and moving while shooting
  • Kneeling and prone with a rifle
  • Using shooting barricades with a rifle
  • Getting quickly in and out of positions
  • Shooting while “gassed”

“[Brian is] obviously an accomplished shooter and can articulate many things well with respect to run and gun, practical pistol, and self defense.”

Run & Gun Workshop Student

What is a Run and Gun?

Run and guns are unique competition formats that involve a multiple mile run course, usually around five miles, and a number of shooting stages along the way with rifle and pistol. Run and Gun competitions combine physical fitness and shooting proficiency in a unique way in the competition world.

Shooting fast and accurate

Run and guns aren’t about “bullseye” target shooting shooting, run and guns are all about balancing speed and accuracy in a practical and dynamic environment. Run and gun competitors must be able to quickly move through stages, taking difficult and awkward shots from close to far distances. This requires a proper understanding of acceptable sight pictures, improvised shooting positions, moving with a rifle or pistol, and more.

Fluid movement

If you examine your stage time, where are the biggest gaps in time? Where is the most time that can be shaved off? Is it taking a 0.25 split down to a 0.2 split? Or is it taking 2 seconds instead of 5 seconds to move between a shooting position?

Movement is one of the greatest opportunities to shave off time on a shooting stage, so we’ll spend time getting you to move quickly around a stage with a rifle and pistol.

Getting in and out of shooting positions quickly

When shooting with a rifle, particularly at longer distances for a carbine, the key is to get into a stable shooting position as quickly as possible. We’ll go over getting stable shooting positions and how to get in and out of them quickly.

Gear needed for the class

  • Safety rated eye protection that provides full protection – normal sunglasses or eye glasses are not recommended
  • Hearing protection
  • A working semi automatic handgun
  • 4+ handgun magazines, more couldn’t hurt
  • A working semi automatic rifle
  • 2+ rifle magazines, more couldn’t hurt
  • A quality holster
  • Your Run and Gun competition setup: be it belt with mag carriers or a chest carrier
  • Rifle round count: 300
  • Pistol round count: 300
  • ABSOLUTELY NO steel core ammunition
  • A lunch – we will have a 1 hour lunch break
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Fitting clothing that does not leave openings for hot brass to get in
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • Kneepads are optional, but useful for the kneeling section

Who is this class for?

This class custom tailored for Run and Gun competitors, but is applicable for anyone looking to get better with their rifle and pistol, be it for 2 gun competitions or personal protection.

This is not a class for brand new shooters. This class requires basic understandings of how to manipulate and shoot both rifle and pistol. Run and Gun experience is not required, but will help maximize the learning experience from the class.

Competition 2 Gun Class

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