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Run & Gun Symposium

Hooked on the Run & Gun competition format? Itching to get better so you can climb the leader board for the Texas Run & Gun Championship Series? Never attended a run and gun but really want to give one a try? Then this is the class for you!

The first ever Run & Gun Symposium will feature a full day of instruction from 3 experienced run and gun competitors followed by a second day of instruction in the format of a mini Run & Gun where instructors will provide critiques and tips based on your instruction.

Class date, location, & info

Date: July 6 & 7, 2019 – Starts at 8am
Location: The Impactzone Range, about a half hour from Houston and an hour and forty-five minutes from Austin
Cost: $200 for two days of run and gun instruction (pay a 50% deposit up front, remaining 50% at or before class) – $40 for the optional night class
Round count: 400+ rifle, 400+ pistol. 200 pistol rounds for the optional night course.
One of the segments will allow shooters to choose rifle or pistol shoot depending on their training interests. There will also be opportunities for additional training on Sunday.
More ammunition is always a good idea! It would suck to run out of ammo before the class is over.

There will be an optional 2 hour pistol night shoot opened up to a small number of shooters.

What the class includes

  • Instruction from 3 experienced run and gun competitors
  • A gear review and critique
  • Over 9 hours of on the range class style instruction
  • A mini run and gun on Sunday with stages tailored to go over the skills covered on Saturday
  • Critique from the instructors immediately after shooting the run and gun stages
  • A cool shirt exclusive to the Run & Gun Symposium – after all, shirts are the entire reason why we do these things! (The shirt will be mailed directly to you after the event.)

Class goals

  • Have a safe and fun time at the range
  • Improve shooting skills specifically for run and guns no matter the level of run and gun experience you have
  • Learn about the balance of the speed and accuracy equation
  • Improve accuracy with a rifle
  • Learn how to better shoot a rifle from improvised positions
  • Improve accuracy with a pistol
  • Learn how to shoot a pistol faster and more accurately through multiple shot strings
  • Learn how to quickly move around a shooting stage
  • Learn how to quickly get in and out of shooting positions
  • Speed up multiple target transitions

Saturday instruction

Saturday will feature 3 tracts covering different groups of skills utilized at run and guns. The tracts will cover shooting fast and accurate with a pistol, shooting a rifle from improvised positions, moving to and from positions on a stage, and moving while shooting. The weekend will also be full of additional competition oriented knowledge that goes beyond simply pulling a trigger and ringing steel.

Each tract will take about 3 hours, so be prepared for over 9 hours of instruction custom tailored for run and guns.

More info will be released soon about the specific tracts. (It’s a marketing thing, I gotta slowly release information to keep the buzz alive.

Sunday mini match

Sunday is going to be a very unique run and gun that is not a run and gun. We will have three shooting stages set up specifically tailored to emphasize skills taught on Saturday. The three instructors will be ROing each stage and will provide a critique to shooters after they shoot. This allows shooters to get run and gun experience and instant feedback on how they can improve.

We will shoot each of the stages at least twice. The run portion of the mini match will not be a traditional run portion of a run and gun, but instead competitors will run a hundred yards or so and shoot the stage right away. Students not shooting will have the opportunity to observe and listen to the instruction, or head on over to a shooting bay and get in some training to work on what they just learned.

Sunday will be much less ridged than Saturday, allowing shooters to tailor the day to what and how they want to learn.

How to maximize the instruction

The Run & Gun Symposium is going to be close to the equivalent of drinking from a fire hose. We will be covering a LOT of information in a short time period. The key to maximizing what you learn in the class is to practice on your own outside of class.

About the instructors

Brian Purkiss, Tom Thorton, and Kevin McCarthy are are experienced competitors with quite a few trophies and high placements in shooting between the three of them.

These three instructors bring a wealth of run and gun knowledge and experience. Not only will they be able to provide excellent instruction on shooting proficiency, their instruction is tailored specifically for run and gun competitions.

“[Brian is] obviously an accomplished shooter and can articulate many things well with respect to run and gun, practical pistol, and self defense.”

– Run & Gun Workshop Student

Optional night class

Aside from target identification and movement, night shooting has little difference from shooting in full light. Nevertheless, shooters often get thrown off and intimidated whenever they shoot at night. I’ve seen skilled shooters perform quite poorly after the lights go out even though they shoot quite well during the day.

This 2 hour night pistol class is an opportunity to get in some night shooting experience plus instruction. The class can be taken with a weapon mounted light or handheld light. Since this is training, I recommend coming prepared to use both. Neither option is better or worse than the other, they simply have different pros and cons and ideal applications. Therefore, it is best to get in practice with both.

This class will be limited to 12 shooters. With enough interest, we might be able to open up more slots.

Who is this class for?

This class is purpose built for Run & Gun competitors, but is useful for people who want to shoot a rifle and handgun quickly in a dynamic environment. If you’ve never shot a run and gun before, this class will be an excellent way to ease into the sport.

This is not a class for brand new shooters. This class requires basic understandings of how to manipulate and shoot both rifle and pistol. Competition experience is not required, but will help maximize the learning experience from the class.

Gear needed for the class

  • Safety rated eye protection that provides full protection – normal sunglasses or eye glasses are not recommended
  • Hearing protection
  • A working semi automatic handgun
  • 3+ handgun magazines, more couldn’t hurt
  • A working semi automatic rifle
  • 3+ rifle magazines, more couldn’t hurt
  • A quality, safe holster
  • Run & gun competition setup: be it belt with mag carriers or a chest carrier
  • A rifle sling
  • A lunch – I strongly recomend bringing your own! We will start without you if you’re late for the second part of the class.
  • Water and snacks to get through the day
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Fitting clothing that does not leave openings for hot brass to get in
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • Kneepads are optional, but useful for the kneeling section

Additional match info

Free camping is available on site, but it is primitive camping. There are economical lodging options in nearby Hempstead, Texas.

How to RO class

Time permitting on Sunday after the mini Run and Gun, there will be an optional (and free) short course on how to be a Run and Gun RO.

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