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Speed Up Your Drawstroke – Remote Coaching

When criminals get shot, they tend to give up on the gunfight.

It’s a pretty simple concept and consistently holds true throughout surveillance footage. This is why the first person to get shots on target usually wins the gunfight. Doesn’t matter if it is an emergency drawstroke because bullets are already flying, or if it is a calculated counter ambush while an armed assailant is distracted. Criminals tend to seek out easy victims and usually fold under the pressure of armed resistance.

Unfortunately, criminals get to pick the time and place of the attack. So conceal carriers have to react to an attack, which puts us behind the power curve. This is where fractions of a second become absolutely critical.

What’s worse, many conceal carriers have a far from ideal drawstroke. This belief is often because they think a 2-3 second draw to first shot is fast. Or maybe because they don’t have any metric to compare speed to. Or maybe they’re over confident in simply having a gun on their person. This belief has gotten many conceal carriers killed. A gun brought into a gunfight at the improper time or in too slow of a manner could be deadly.

A firearm is not a magical self defense wand. It will not protect against all attackers. There is a risk that goes hand in hand in pulling a gun in self defense. But with proper skills – those risks can be heavily mitigated and the odds can be tipped in your favor.

This is why I believe the time to first shot is the single most important shooting skill a conceal carrier can posses.

I am capable of consistently drawing a firearm in concealment and firing it under a second. I am consistently capable of drawing a firearm and firing it accurately six times in under two seconds. While some self defenders claim 2-3 seconds is sufficient, my draw time allows me to draw and shoot six times before their gun is out. My draw speed gives me more opportunities to counter ambush a potential attacker and allows me to get off reactionary shots faster should a criminal already come in guns blazing. A consistent fast draw provides valuable tenths of a second which could mean the difference between life and death.

Getting a sub two second Bill Drill (draw, shoot 6 times at 7 yards) isn’t some incredibly high level feat. It is quite doable.

I want to help you get there.

Speed up your drawstroke in 1 hour

I would like to help YOU become faster at drawing your pistol from a holster – be it from concealment or an open carry holster, for self defense or for competition. This single skill helps improve many other areas of your shooting proficiency while speeding up that ever so important time to first shot. Confidence in your first shot goes a long way.

What we will cover

I will review your current drawstroke and provide an overview on how to get a gun into the fight faster. We will cover efficient technique, how to do things sooner, and how to stage your equipment for success. We will run a bunch of drills, working on rounding out the edges, improving par times as we go. At the end of the session, we will review the drills and how you can use them to get better on your own time.

How the remote coaching works

This one on one session can be done through a computer web cam or smartphone, anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be in Austin, Texas to learn. I will spend an hour with you and walk you through the technique to get that faster first shot, as well as walk through training tips so you can keep speeding it up on your own time.

After registering, I will email you and we will coordinate a time to get on a call.

I am very much against off body carry, cross draw, small of the back carry, and ankle carry. Those methods of carry are slow and dangerous. I won’t help you with those skills, but I will help you get faster with appendix carry, IWB hip carry, and OWB hip carry. Doesn’t matter if your gun is a red dot setup or the classic iron sights, I can help you get there.

What you need

  1. An empty gun
  2. A holster
  3. Your standard everyday wear
  4. A webcam or smartphone

Nice to haves

  1. A shot timer
  2. Weighted dummy rounds
  3. A human size/shape target


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