Practical Pistol Class

The fundamentals are the… well… fundamentals of marksmanship. Without strong fundamentals, everything else falls apart at the shooting range or during a self defense situation. Locked Back’s Practical Pistol class aids new shooters and experienced shooters alike sharpen their marksmanship fundamentals with a focus on practical pistol shooting. This class is even created to provide value through multiple attendances. If you think the “fundamentals” are beyond you, then you’re wrong, the fundamentals are critical for every handgun shooter out there. With shaky practical handgun fundamentals, all other shooting technique falls apart.

Class goals:

  • Have a fun and safe day at the range
  • Improve pistol handling and manipulation
  • Engrain instinctual pistol fundamentals
  • Tighten accuracy with a pistol
  • Speed up sight acquisition for fast first shot and follow up shots
  • Controlling the pistol through recoil

A pistol class for practical, real world pistol shooting

This pistol class focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship needed for practical shooting, be it for conceal carriers, law enforcement, or competitive shooting. While some handgun classes may teach how to get tight groups while standing still and firing slowly, Locked Back’s Practical Pistol class lays the foundations needed for positive handgun retention, quickly acquiring sights, practical accuracy, recoil control, and target transitions for engaging multiple targets.

This class isn’t for bullseye shooting – this is for practical, real world pistol shooting.

Pistol Skills Covered

  • Pistol fundamentals
    • Stance
    • Breathing
    • Grip
    • Sight alignment and sight picture
    • Trigger pull
    • Follow through
  • Vision in shooting – Trust your sights
  • Shooting from 3 to 20 yards
  • Acquiring a sight picture quickly
  • Recoil and shooting cadence
  • Target transitions
  • General firearm handling

But Locked Back classes don’t just teach you something and call it a day. Musicians don’t attend lessons and then never pick up their instrument again. Becoming proficient with firearms, be it for conceal carry or casual plinking, requires training outside the classroom. Locked Back classes provide techniques on how to effectively train on your own.

If you are interested in improving your skills specifically for conceal carry, consider taking the Practical Pistol class and then taking the Practical Conceal Carry class.

Demonstrable improvement

Throughout the Practical Pistol class, we shoot standards several times as the class progresses. These standardized drills give us quantifiable data as to how well you’re shooting, it’s incredibly useful at identifying areas that need improvement. These standards are shot multiple times, which allows us to measure demonstrable improvement throughout the class.

Who is this class for?

While the Practical Pistol class is great for newer shooters and experienced shooters, this class is not intended for handgun shooters who are picking up a handgun for the very first time. If you are brand new to firearms or handguns, check out the Handguns for New Shooters class. The Handguns for New Shooters class provides a one on one or small group setting for hands on instruction in the Austin and Houston, Texas area.

Gear needed for the class

  • Safety rated eye protection that provide full protection – normal sunglasses or eye glasses are not recommended
  • Hearing protection
  • A working semi automatic pistol
  • 4-6 magazines
  • 300 rounds of ammunition – bringing extra is always advised
  • Water
  • A lunch – bring your own or there will be 1 hour to go get lunch
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Fitting clothing that does not leave openings for hot brass to get in
  • Sunscreen and a hat

Classes in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio

Locked Back’s Practical Pistol class is taught all across Central Texas, including at ranges near Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

While most Locked Back classes are taught in Central Texas, with enough interest, a class could be scheduled most anywhere. If you don’t see a class available at your location, check out how to get a class scheduled.

Fundamentals for Conceal Carriers

The fundamentals of marksmanship are the foundation of shooting. With shaky fundamentals, everything else will come crashing down. As conceal carriers, we are responsible for every round we fire in a self defense situation. This means a handgun needs to be an extension of our hand and we can put shots on target quickly and accurately. But not only can we get shots on target, but we need to be able to demonstrate these skills on demand without any warm up practice time.

To take your conceal carry skills to the next level, check out the Practical Conceal Carry class, a class that teaches what you need to know that the Texas CHL class didn’t teach you.

Competitive shooters get that edge with the fundamentals

Competitive shooters have to be extremely fast and accurate while moving around and engaging multiple targets. All of that completely falls apart without strong handgun fundamentals. Even with strong handgun fundamentals, they can always be improved! Locked Back’s Practical Pistol class is created for new and experienced shooters alike.

To take your competitive shooting skills to the next level, check out the Dynamic 2 Gun for Competition class. More competitive shooting classes will be added in the future.

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