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Handguns for New Shooters

Locked Back’s Handguns for new shooters is a small class format intended specifically for people with little to no experience with a handgun. The small class format allows for plenty of one on one time with the instructor.

If you barely have any experience or have never handled a gun before – this is the perfect class for you.

Don’t have a gun? No problem!

If you have not purchased a gun yet, I can provide the guns and ammo. I will provide multiple firearms, from .22lr to 9mm with multiple styles available. We’ll start with the small .22lr caliber and work our way up to the larger 9mm round. This will provide you some experience with a variety of firearms so you can make an educated choice on what handgun to buy.

Want to learn how to shoot with your significant other or good friend?

Receive a discount for bringing someone with you.

This class is not yet finalized, so be sure to sign up to be notified by email of when this class is available.

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