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How to Control Recoil with the Handgun

Controlling handgun recoil is about proper technique, not simply pulling the trigger as quickly as possible. Work on proper technique to be able to accurately and quickly put rounds down range.

Learn to Shoot Standing, Kneeling, & Prone from the US Army

Don’t be just a benchrest shooter. Learn from the US Army how to shoot from practical shooting positions.

The Explosive Dangers of a Squib Load – How to Identify & Fix

Shooting sports are not completely danger free. It is important for shooters to be able to recognize and diagnose malfunctions, especially squib loads. Failure to recognize a squib load can have explosive consequences.

The Importance of Learning to Shoot under Stress

Getting winded really impacts shooting performance. If you practice to use a firearm for home defense, self defense, or on duty – it is very important to work in training for shooting under stress. Thankfully, it is easy to do.


How to Manage Pistol Recoil with the Parallel Grip

Balancing speed and accuracy requires excellent recoil control. This grip is an excellent way to control recoil to maximize speed.

One-Box Workout – Hone Skills with One Box of Ammo

Going to the range to simply burn ammo is fun, but that does improve your technique as much as deliberate training.

Proper Rifle Trigger Control for Speed and Accuracy

Proper shooting technique involves many different factors that all build on each other. Having good trigger control doesn’t make a difference if you have an improper grip. This is why it’s important in our training to focus on each link in the chain individually to ensure there are no weak links when all of these different skills are put together.


Proper Handgun Trigger Control for Speed and Accuracy

While there are many factors in ensuring your pistol is accurately pointing at the target and stays on target, trigger control is arguably the most difficult single element of shooting accurately. So naturally, proper trigger control is one of the best things you can train to improve your shooting skills.

How to Draw a Pistol from a Holster with Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek is a living legend. He holds a number of world records and countless shooting titles. In other words, he really knows what he’s talking about. In this video he goes over how to safely, and quickly draw a handgun from a holster.

How to Reload a Semi Automatic Pistol

Being able to quickly and efficiently reload a pistol is a handy still to have, even though it is rarely used in self defense situations.

Sig Sauer Academy Shows How to Shoot on the Move

Shooting on the move is a very important skill for conceal carriers and competition shooters. It’s more difficult than video games make it seem.

Guy Almost Shoots Hand Off During Training

The rules of firearm safety exist for a reason. The slight wrong twitch of a finger, the slight failure of a mechanical part, the lack of attention at the wrong moment – all can result in serious injury or death.


How to Shoot Pistols with Both Eyes Open

Shooting with both eyes open provides a broader field of view which aids in practical pistol shooting.

How to Shoot a Handgun from Cover

For the most obvious statement of the day, Hollywood has it wrong. Shooting from cover in real life is not the same as it is in the movies. Knowing the difference from real life technique and Hollywood style can mean the difference between life and death in a home defense or self defense situation.

What is a “Stovepipe” Malfunction is & How to Clear It

Stovepipes are a brutal “failure to eject” (FTE) malfunction that put your handgun in a complete inoperable state. A stovepipe is when a spent casing gets caught in the action and the firearm’s action can no longer cycle. Fortunately, these types of jams can be easily cleared through proper technique.

Thorough Overview of How to Shoot a Rifle Standing, Kneeling, and Prone

Shooting offhand, kneeling, and prone are critical skills for anyone who wants to go shooting outside of a shooting range with a shooting bench.

Training: Your Greatest Asset or Worst Enemy

Training is the key to getting better, but poor quality training can decrease skill rather than improve it.

The 4 Rules of Firearm Safety

Firearms are extremely effective tools and can be downright fun when used safely. However, these tools can also be very dangerous and even fatal when mishandled. It is very important to avoid complacency and to obey the rules of firearm safety. Failure to abide by these rules can have serious, or even deadly, consequences. All […]