Primary Skills

Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

How to Achieve the Sub Second Draw from a Holster

Retrieve a handgun from a holster efficiently & consistently, then present the sights on target with sufficient precision for the area of acceptable accuracy.

How to Transition a Pistol Between Targets

Transitions are a valuable skill in of themselves, but the foundations provided by transitions also aid many other key skills.

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Preventing Surprise Misses

Rushing the trigger pull exact moment the sights are “perfect” creates surprise misses – but it is easily avoidable

CCW Claw Draw to Avoid Catching on Cover Garments

Improve the CCW draw stroke consistency with a minor change to the draw stroke.


Lessons from Shooting with My Eyes Closed

There are some interesting lessons to be learned from shooting and/or training with your eyes closed.

Passing the Texas LTC Test With My Eyes Closed

Ever thought, “That’s so easy I could do it with my eyes closed.” I thought that about the Texas LTC test – so I passed the test with my eyes closed.

Class Review: Practical Performance Handgun Class by Tim Herron

Tim Herron’s Practical Performance Handgun Class is well worth taking for competitive and self defense shooters alike.  I had been looking forward to this class for some time, so I had goals and expectations going into the class – and all of them were met.  However, the key thing to understand that the most important […]

10 Lessons Learned from 212+ Hours of Firearms Training in 2018

Deliberate practice is the key to improving – here are some of my lessons learns and tips for becoming a better shooter, lessons learned from over 212 of training in 2018.

How to Shoot a Texas Star

The key to shooting the Texas Star is a combination of speed, accuracy, and the correct order.

Class Review: KR Training Defensive Pistol Classes

If you’re looking for handgun firearms instruction, look no further than KR Training.


Tips for Moving Quickly on a Shooting Stage

Moving quickly is a critical skill for competitive and defensive shooters alike.

Tips for Shooting Firearms at Night

Here are some lessons learned from a night shooting competition, applicable for home defense, conceal carriers, and competitors.


How Important is Pistol Grip Pressure for Accuracy?

If a shooter is consistently missing to the left or right, what’s the cause?

Instinctive Shooting with a Handgun – Hitting Targets without Using Sights

Have you ever tried shooting a pistol without using your sights? It’s an important skill if you want to be able to use a gun in a defensive encounter.

Learn How to Shoot on the Move One Step at a Time

Have you ever seen a defensive gun use where both parties just stood there shooting at each other? No? Then learn how to shoot on the move!

How to Quickly Reload a Handgun

Reloads are quite simple when broken down into a few steps. Anyone can reload a handgun quickly with proper technique and practice.

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Pistol Fundamentals from the Army Marksmanship Unit

Focus on improving the fundamentals of pistol shooting to become a drastically better shooter – no matter the skill level.


Learn How to Call Shots Without Inspecting the Target

Calling shots is a very important skill for shooters – It’s important to know if you hit the target without looking at the target at all.


How to Quickly Find Pistol Sights for Faster Accurate Shooting

John Lovell has some quick tips on how to quickly get handgun sights on target for fast and accurate fire.

A Small Change in Your Pistol Grip Makes a Big Difference

A few millimeters in your handgun grip can make a huge difference in your shooting speed and accuracy.

The 2x2x2 Drill – An Excellent Drill for Self Defenders

Self defenders should strive to obtain proficiency with the 2x2x2 drill to demonstrate speed and accuracy, both of which are important for a real life self defense encounter.

How to Use a Weapon Mounted Light on a Handgun

It is dark for a significant portion of the day. A light of some kind is critical for conceal carriers to verify and engage a threat.


Stop Recoil Anticipation, Blinking, & Flinching While Shooting

Identify & fix recoil anticipation, blinking, and flinching with two simple drills.


How to Have Fast Follow Up Shots with a Handgun

A proper shooting stance, grip, and sight picture is critical to fast follow up shots.


A Fast & Efficient Handgun Shooting Stance

Getting into a proper shooting stance needs to be quick and smooth no matter which direction you’re moving from or to.


Practicing Lateral Movement for Self Defense & Shooting Competitions

The first step towards being able to move and shoot is being able to move, then shoot. Moving then shooting is an incredibly practical skill for self defense and competitive shooting, and it can be easily practiced at home during dry fire or at a shooting bay.

Deliberate Practice – Becoming a Master is No Accident

Becoming the best of the best, or even becoming very good at shooting requires deliberate practice and focusing on weak areas.

Every Firearms Instructor is Wrong

Does this mean we shouldn’t ever take a shooting class? Or course not. If anything, this means we should seek out more instruction from more instructors. It is important for shooters to diversity their education and learn from as many instructors as possible.