Just for Fun

An AR-15 that Shoots Arrows

Odd “firearms” are highly amusing – this AR-15 is one of the more unusual “firearms” I’ve ever seen. I mean, if you really like firearms and you really like archery, I guess why not combine them?

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Shit You See on The Range

Time to laugh at ourselves again. There are many stereotypes at ranges. While this video blends a little fiction with reality, definitely has some grains of truth to it – with a dash of over the top humor.

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Blowing Up 100 Tonnes of Ammunition

Due to the… potentially temperamental and dangerous nature of various explosives, safely transporting “military grade” explosives can get expensive and has safety concerns. So rather than deal with the risks and expenses of transporting old ordinance, disposing of it is often the cheaper and safer solution. Besides, we get to see a massive explosion this […]

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