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How to Build an AR-15

Why Build an AR-15? Completely assembling your firearm is an experience that you can’t often get with other firearms, especially pistols. Thanks to the well established standards of “mil-spec,” building your own AR-15 is a very easy process which requires minimal knowledge/experience and only basic tools. Building your own AR-15 allows you to: Learn about […]

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Call to Action: Oppose the Worst Gun Bill Ever

H.R.3999, or the Bump Stock Ban Bill, is a bill designed to retroactively ban all devices designed to “increase the rate of fire” of a semi-auto rifle. This would ban devices such as “bump stocks,” like the one used by the Las Vegas shooter. In addition to this being a violation of the 2nd Amendment, […]

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Chris Pratt on Hunting

Much of the United States doesn’t understand hunting. They see it as pure blood-lust that has no place in a “civilized” society, yet they eat their ham and cheese sandwich that was made from a pig on a pig farm. Hunting goes beyond the single action of killing an animal. There’s an entire experience to the journey.

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4 Essential Glock Upgrades

The Glock tagline is “Glock Perfection.” But despite what the tagline leads you to believe, Glocks are the most customized pistol on the market with the greatest aftermarket support. This allows shooters to improve and custom tailor their pistols to suit their exact needs. Here are some upgrades to improve a factory Glock.

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How to Shoot a Rifle from Improvised Positions

Shooting off of a benchrest is great for sighting in your rifle or teaching new shooters. But out in the field, be it hunting, shooting competition, or even combat – there isn’t a nice firing line with a comfortable and stable shooting bench. These type of shooting conditions is often called shooting from an “improvised position” and it is a very important skill for practical rifle shooting.

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