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Level Up Handgun Training

Class Review: Practical Performance Handgun Class by Tim Herron

Tim Herron’s Practical Performance Handgun Class is well worth taking for competitive and self defense shooters alike.  I had been looking forward to this class for some time, so I had goals and expectations going into the class – and all of them were met.  However, the key thing to understand that the most important […]

Not Everyone Should Conceal Carry – Train, or Don’t Carry

If you aren’t trained AND aware of your surroundings, you shouldn’t carry a firearm.

Taking an Anti to the Range – Best Way to Evangelize for the 2nd Amendment

One of the best way to convert an anti-gunner into a pro-gunner is to take them to the range. It’s also a great way to grow the firearms community!

The Media’s Over Coverage of Mass Shootings Creates More Mass Shootings

If the media would put children’s lives above ad revenue and adjust their reporting habits, we could have at least a one-third reduction in mass shootings.

5 Negligent Discharges & How to Avoid Them

Many of the activities we participate in are inherently dangerous. From driving a vehicle on a highway to riding a bicycle to participating in shooting sports. All of these activities are dangerous, which is why we have safety rules to abide by. Follow these safety rules and all of these activities can be done safely. […]

What to Do When Stopped By Police & Carrying a Firearm

Everyone wants to go home safely during a police encounter. Follow these quick tips and everyone can.

“A Falling Gun is All Trigger”

Firearms safety is no joke. Don’t try to grab a gun out of the air. Just let it fall.

What the “Two Way Range” is Actually Like

Some combat veterans provide some insight as to what the “two way range” is actually like.

How Practical is Full Auto Fire? Is Semi-Auto Fire Better?

Larry Vickers puts a full auto rifle on the clock and compares it to a semi auto rifle to see how practical full auto fire really is.

Mass Shootings are Contagious

If the mainstream media wants to save lives, they need to adjust their reporting habits and stop obsessing over mass shootings.

Don’t Load Live Ammo In a New Firearm Until At the Range

Protect your life, your hearing, and your property. Don’t load a brand new firearm until you’re at the range.

How to Legally Buy Firearms Online

Despite what some people say, it is legal to buy firearms online and background checks are made for online purchases. This is how to legally buy a firearm online.

Results of a 4 Year Handgun Red Dot Study by Sage Dynamics

In short, quality modern red dots are durable, handgun mounted red dots allow the shooter’s focal point to remain on target, and handgun mounted red dots drastically improve accuracy.

Why Does the Military Use .22 Rimfire Rifles for Training?

A lot of shooters look down on the .22lr cartridge because it is small, weak, and doesn’t make as big of a noise as other centerfire cartridges. While that is true, .22lr and other small rimfire cartridges make for excellent training firearms.

A Bullet is Forever

For those of us who shoot a lot, it’s easy to be desensitized of the capabilities of a hunk of lead propelled by sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate through a metal tube. It’s fun, and it only takes a twitch of the finger. But it is so important that we remember the full destructive capabilities of this small hunk of lead.

The Easy (and Legal) Way to Buy a SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)

Interested in getting a Short Barreled Rifle? Don’t know how? Don’t like how daunting the task is? Here’s how to (legally) get a SBR.

How to Quick Lube a Handgun Without Disassembly

All firearms need to be maintained for reliable function, accuracy, and avoiding complete failure of the firearm. Here’s some quick tips on how to quickly lubricate a 1911, which is also applicable to other firearms. You don’t even need to disassemble the firearm!

Why Shoot 3 Gun? A Perspective from a Newbie and Expert

Shooting sports, of any format, are a way to get out to the range, shoot your firearms in ways you can’t normally shoot them, hangout with likeminded individuals, improve your skills, and have lots of fun. Everyone who is interested in shooting should give a shooting sport a try.