Primary Skills

Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

How to Modify Drills to Push Skill

There are many standardized handgun drills out there. Many amazing drills and many… we’ll just call them not worth our time drills. A good dry fire drill or live fire drill has an intentional shooting skill focus and is structured to test and/or push that shooting skill to new levels. It is generally best to […]

How to Train to Maximize Results

Train with structure and intentionality in order to improve shooting skills quickly and efficiently.

How to Set up a Dry Fire Dojo

Set up a training environment for dry fire at home.

Increasing Myelin Production to Maximize Training Efficiency

We all like shortcuts, right? Buying gear isn’t a shortcut, but increasing Myelin production might be the closest thing to a shooting skill shortcut we can get – as long as it is paired with efficient training.

How to Use a Shot Timer to Maximize Dry Fire Training

Shot timers are excellent tools to enhance a dry fire, when utilized well.

How to Dry Fire Practice & Why it is Very Important

Dry fire is the something every shooter should be doing to obtain proficiency with firearms.