Primary Skills

Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

Firearms & Children – Preventing Access & Firearms Safety Education

Simple precautions can prevent unauthorized access to our firearms, potentially saving a life or keeping a firearm from getting stolen.

Common Ways to Break the Rules of Firearms Safety

Simple mistakes with a firearm are easy, but the consequences could be deadly.

Safety Glasses Protected this Shooter’s Eye from a Ricochet

Wearing quality eye protection could save you from blindness – it sure saved this guy’s eye.

How to Teach Kids to Shoot Firearms

Training the next generation up in firearms is critical for the long term preservation of the 2nd Amendment.

Shooting Steel Targets Safely

Steel targets are extremely fun, but can be dangerous when used incorrectly.

Guy Almost Shoots Hand Off During Training

The rules of firearm safety exist for a reason. The slight wrong twitch of a finger, the slight failure of a mechanical part, the lack of attention at the wrong moment – all can result in serious injury or death.

First Aid Kit Essential Equipment

A basic first aid kit is a very useful item to keep in your range bag, vehicle, home, or EDC bag. I bought an assortment of small first aid bags and have them stashed in all of those places. Just like a conceal carry pistol, it’s better to have a first aid kit and not need it, than need it and not have it.