2nd Amendment

Why Gun Control Won’t Fix Inner City Violence

“Gun control is not a solution to inner city violence. It’s a political placebo designed to give the appearance of sympathy, when in their hearts, there’s only apathy.” – Colion Noir Inner city violence is very much a culture issue created by many many factors – none of those culture issues being access to a […]

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The Truth About Carrying A Gun by Colion Noir

Colion Noir knocks it out of the park with his latest video concerning carrying a firearm for self defense. So many people believe carrying a firearm is a form of compensation, or because we’re paranoid of the world. That’s far from true. We simply realize that bad things happen and it is better to be prepared and nothing happen than bad things happen and have no way to handle it.

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The NRA’s No Fly List Proposal is Unconstitutional

How would you feel if a government agent came over to your house and informed you, “You stole this car.” When asked what criteria they’re basing that statement on they reply, “That’s classified. But you stole this car, so we’re taking the car.” Outraged, you demand what evidence they have that you stole your own […]

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America Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem – It has a Culture Problem

I was just told that law abiding gun owners are responsible for, and I quote, “100% of mass killings and most of the murders in the US.” That’s interesting. So I suppose that law abiding drivers are responsible for all drunk driving deaths? I suppose America needs to ban all automobiles because law abiding citizens […]

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Missouri Passed Constitutional Carry – Overriding the Veto

Gun rights are being returned one by one, state by state all over the US. Missouri just passed constitutional carry, despite it being vetoed by Democratic Governor Jay Nixon. The Republican-led Legislature enacted the law by a 24-6 Senate vote and a 112-41 House vote, exceeding the two-thirds majority needed to override the veto. This […]

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Gun Ownership is on the Rise – 44% of Households Own a Gun

The major media wouldn’t dare talk about this since it goes against their anti-gun narrative, but gun ownership is on the rise. And by on the rise, I mean skyrocketing. This August was another record breaking gun sales month – another record breaking month for 15 months in a row. Not only that, but last […]

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A collection of articles about the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. The 2nd Amendment is a very important part of American culture – the right to bear arms is quite literally how America was formed by separating from a tyrannical government. The individual right to bear arms is how America remains a country by the people and for the people. It is the right that keeps a tyrannical government in check, our nation safe from foreign invasion, and an individual safe from those that wish to do harm.